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Larry from okinawa, japan writes [Mon Jun 9 17:52:08 1997 ]

" Thanks for this great site, I like the big painting that I cand use on my screen background. esp. sail boats."

Ben Dover writes [Sun May 11 11:04:13 1997 ]

"This page sucks ass!"

Klaus-Göran Ohlsson from Listerby, Ronneby writes [Tue Jan 7 12:28:24 1997 ]

"Snyggt. Kul att se en konstnär som vågar gå mot strömmen, dvs skapa det som betraktaren kan ta till sig utan större besvär. Jag återkommer gärna för att se mer av din produktion. Både djur, segling och människor. "

Göran Thulin from Stockholm (Homepage) writes [Wed Dec 18 20:40:52 1996 ]

"Great works från en f d kollega. 3vligt att se cyberrymdens frammarsch på plan 6 !!! :<) Tulle"

midzie from malaysia writes [Wed Nov 20 03:45:13 1996 ]

"please add botanical paintings in watercolour. "

Maria from Stockholm writes [Tue Nov 19 20:41:14 1996 ]

"Cool sight daddy!! See ya soon!"

Manish Advani from Mumbai, INDIA (Homepage) writes [Mon Nov 4 13:52:25 1996 ]

"I want to add my site to your site even I would like to add your site in my site under the paintings category. Please send me the data which you want to add in my site"

Tommy Jäverfalk from Leksand (Homepage) writes [Tue Oct 22 20:21:21 1996 ]

"Great! I'd like to learn PhotoShop! "

Lars Thörnblad writes [Mon Sep 16 14:22:41 1996 ]

"Djävla joust sait!!! Lasse "

Janne Schönberg from Navet i havet writes [Thu Sep 12 21:58:26 1996 ]

"Fina bilder men inte vad jag är van att se av din produktion. "

Thomas Abrahamsson from Linköping, Sweden (Homepage) writes [Tue Sep 10 15:51:16 1996 ]

"This is just a test to see if the guestbook function works fine. Obviously, it did. Enjoy!"

Sara Rådström from Linköping,Sweden writes [Tue Sep 10 19:55:21 1996 ]

"Hallo dad, this is my first visit to your guestbook and it seems to work very well indeed! See you soon, lots of love from Sara"

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