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Vacation to Hong Kong and Indonesia, 2005

Selected Images - My favourites...

©2005 Thomas F Abrahamsson. All Rights Reserved, do not use any image without my written permission.

Places visited:
Crystal clear water at Nusa Lembongan
Black beach at Tulamben, where I did the wreck dive
Public boat from Sanur leaving in the early morning...
A map of the US Liberty shipwreck from the second world war
Cute local girl on the public boat between Sanur and Lembongan
Eremite crab looking out from his protective shell...
Same crab
Father and son working at their home at Nusa Lembongan, cleaning the sea weed lines
Not so camera shy kids from Lembongan. "Photo! Photo!"
Wild flower shot
Flower floating on water
Lady harvesting sea weed at Lembongan
Hong Kong skyscrapers
Young kids in the sand outside the dive center
These guys climbed up the tree, picked some fruits and let me taste them
Kowloon (Hong Kong) by Night
Lembongan. The beach where I stayed to the right, the mainland Bali and the volcano in the background
Drinking a beer at the Hotel in Legian with my friend Mattias
Björn, me (Thomas) and Mattias heading out to the huge waves in Legian beach to do some kind of surfing...
Mattias waiting for Björn and Henrik to finish their shopping (Legian)
Mother and daughter at northern Lembongan
The north beach of Lembongan, just before the start of the Mangrove
White water rafting in central Bali
Waterfall in the jungle. Yep, we went down here. Yep, I got stuck under the boat...
Sunset at Lembongan as seen from World Diving premises
Ladies on picnic on the sidewalk in central Hong Kong. Concept:Bring 5-10 female friends, lots of tea, cookies and a deck of cards - optionally some cardboard, and spend the day on the sidewalk...
Hong Kong by Night
Famous Hong Kong star ferries
Lady cleaning the sea weed at Lembongan
Another Lembongan sunset
"Dream Beach" at southern Lembongan
Other tourists, in Hong Kong. Japanese?
Waiting for the tide in Sanur
Public Boat
Kitten, Lembongan
Never ending line of people who wished to congratulate Inez, Nicklas and their families

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