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Here is a small collection of pictures that I have made since I bougt my first PC. Most of the images are made with various programs on a 486DX4. I uppgraded to a Pentium some time ago, so I hope that will help me to make better pictures in the future. None of the images are very impressive but I am still an amateur when it comes to computer graphics.

Title: VortexNEW
Size: 102kB
This is more of an image composition than a 3D-image. The figures were made in Poser and imported into a paint-program. I then added some effects and manipulated some fractals to get the background.

Title: Orbs
Size: 108kB
This image is quite simple, but it demonstrates what nice effects you can get with a real raytracer.

Title: Island
Size: 104kB
Nothing special about this picture. A little experimenting with watersurfaces.

Title: Snowy
Size: 81kB
This just a snow version of the cottage below. I changed the colors, raised the groundlevel and added some snow. Some details in the image was adjusted with Photoshop.

Title: Cottage
Size: 150kB
As with many other pictures here, I don't consider this picture to be finished yet. But I am quite satisfied with it as it is now. I doubt that I will spend more time on this one. (the trees are generated with silicon garden)

Title: Wine
Size: 28kB
This is just a little preview of a larger scene that I am working on now. I hope I will finish it soon.

Title: Deep Thoughts
Size: 63kB
In the first version of this picture the figure was holding a crystal sphere. But I thought it was more effectfull this way. If you like to take a look at the old picture click here.

Title: Lightbulb
Size: 41kB
Although 3DS sucks when it comes to refractions, this one came out quite good. The lensflare was added with Photoshop.

Title: Landscape
Size: 179kB
I made this after experimenting a bit with the silicon-garden plugin. It came out quite good, but it took huge amount of swap to render. More images of this type is on the way now that I have more RAM in my machine.

Title: Ashtray
Size: 49kB
This image is quite old, but it's updated and more or less finished. I don't think I will work more on this one.

Title: Lego Spaceship
Size: 68kB
I have two more versions of this picture on the page with older pictures. If I get time for it, I will make some more lego-pictures.

Title: Diamonds
Size: 48kB
One of the first pictures I tried to make with Lightwave 3D. I wanted to try refractions and reflections.

Title: Wood
Size: 58kB
This picture was one of the very first i made on my first PC (486DX4). I made it two years ago. The only thing I'm not satisfied with is the mapping of the object.

Title: Space
Size: 97kB
One of the first pictures i made. They are floating around in space because of my lack of imagination. The background is a plasma-fractal generated with Fractint.

Here is a collection of some sligtly older pictures that I don't have room for in the list above. It got a bit crowded there after while. And some people don't have unlimited bandwidth so when I add some new picture to the gallery some of the older picture will move to this list.

coke.jpg fractal.jpg screen.jpg
dagger.jpg insane.gif ship-2.jpg
dice.jpg lamp.jpg ship-3.jpg
door.jpg lw-test1.jpg thing.jpg
door_whi.jpg lw-test2.jpg tube.jpg
earth.jpg mac.jpg waves.jpg
wineglas.jpg zigbox.jpg

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