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I get a fair amount of spam to the mailman lists that I administrate. For each spam, I have to press TAB about ten times, and then SPACE, to discard it via the web interface. This is annoying.

The goal of the mailman-discard project is to create a program that makes it less painful to process the administrate tasks. The project was started on 2004-01-01.

mailman-discard uses the Choices system for saving configuration files. I didn't like the original module, so I have implemented a new one with a few more bells-n-whistles. It might be more portable as well. You can find it in the CVS repository.



First, you need to install mechanize and the modules that it depends on.

Both source code and a Windows installer, and PGP signatures for both of the files, are available from the FTP server of Lysator:

Mailing lists:

Messages from Bugzilla whenever a bug is created, modified or closed.

Anonymous CVS:
export CVSROOT
cvs co mailman-discard


Full CVS:

Read-write CVS access can be granted to anybody who is interested in helping develop this project, but the first contribution should normally be done via a patch in Bugzilla. As of this writing, only ceder has write access.

CVS_RSH=ssh cvs -d co mailman-discard

Bugzilla: Use the mailman-discard project.