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This is my normal e-mail address. Use this if you want to get in touch with me.
My email at my work
NannyMUD is a MUD, that is, a multiplayer adventure game, which you can play over the Internet. My name on it is Milamber.


The Spinner www server at Lysator, and also my nice mapsystem (written in LPC for NannyMUD), and of course our company, Informationsvävarna.


Ego section

I was, like so many others, born on the sixteenth of January, 1973. This makes me 22 years old. The first year of my life was spent in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, but then, my parents and I moved to a small house called Lillaryd, just outside Tranås, in Småland.

Several years passed before my brother, my dad, his new wife and I moved to the house our grandparents (on my father's side) used to occupy, before they moved to a flat in the center of the town.

The house is called Björkliden, and is located about ten meters from the lake Sommen.

At that time, I was studying the "N" or Natural science program at the "Gymnasium", which is more or less the equivalent of highschool in the States.

My favourite subjects were physics, chemistry, math, environmental science and biology, and to some extent philosophy. My final grades were quite strange. I had fives (out of five) in English (Best in school in the CP (Central Test), but that says more about the test than my English, I think), Computer science, Physics and Math, then fours in chemistry, environmental science, the Swedish language and philosophy. I got threes in biology and literature history, and twos in the rest of the subjects. The whopping total is 3.2. I did get 1.8 out of 2.0 on the test called Högskoleprovet, though, and I was only one point from 1.9.

After finishing school, I continued my studies, this time in Linköping, at the University of Linköping. Sadly enough, for my studies, that is, I noticed the Computer Society Lysator. Since then, I have been much more interested in Internet than my studies. Then, in the autumn of '93 and spring of '94, I did my military service as a driver for the UU artillery command unit in Kristanstad, this did not help my studies either.

Lately my brother, Lars Aronsson, Mattias Wingstedt, Johan Magnusson and I have started a small consulting company called Informationsvävarna AB. Since you are not allowed to use SUNET for commercial purposes, I cannot tell you more here. Feel free to contact me, or anyone else in the company, for more information.

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