Avon and Blake watching the candidates in the Ruler of the Universe election try to persuade people to vote for them. Avon looks rather more enthusiastic than Blake. Must be Servalan up at the stage.

Avon and Blake snuck into the con under the pseudonyms "Fran" and "Ika".

A game some people played out in the boulevard one morning. I think it was called "Babylon 5 Wars". The guy to the right in the red shirt is soon to die Rob Haywood. At the bottom left in a blue shirt is Chris Haywood, and to the right of him is Henry Proctor.

A dancer from the Centauri imperial court. Those centauri sure knows how to enjoy themselves. A still picture absolutely does not do this girl justice, but unfortunately that's the only sort of camera I had.

I'm told the dancer's name is Helen Brunton. Doesn't sound very centauri to me.

Chris Blenkarn carefully writing down SF clich├ęs. We're waiting for her report, and/or story including all of them.

The cricket match between the Babylon XI and the Blake's XI. At the moment, Lyta is bowling to Zen during the 11th over of the first innings.. The people around the table that you can't really see are, from the left, Harriet Monkhouse, Nikki Barnard and Graham Young.

Deborah Rose wasn't all that enthusiastic about having her picture taken.

This is Debra, who wanted to thank me for helping her with something computerish at some time or another.

Talia Winters observing the When I'm An Evil Overlord panel, probably on behalf of some Evil Overlord who couldn't attend. She looks rather a lot like Avon in a blonde wig, doesn't she?

Some old man who kept appearing on stage all through the con.

A centauri noble by the name of Hari Monachi, who looks rather a lot like Harriet Monkhouse.

Hellen Paskaleva didn't like being photographed either.

But Iain certainly didn't seem to mind. Actors...

Two of these people claim to be Una McCormack. The one in the middle claims that the one on the right is a penguin. Draw your own conclusions.

Jacqueline Thijsen. Isn't that some sort of Trek thing she's wearing?

Not many know that Kathryn Andersen is actually a human-minbari hybrid.

The audience at the wildly popular Lexx and Farscape -- the Blake's 7 of today? panel.

Londo and G'kar get married. The guy in the background is another old man who kept showing up at stage all the time.

Louise, who is not tall.

One of the three Servalans who appeared at the con. The guy behind her must be some soon-to-die underling.

Nik, Alison and Rachel, who for some reason are talking about telepathy. Surely that's wrong?

Nikki and Ares the God of War at the When I'm an Evil Overlord panel.

Another Servalan is dancing with Iain. In the foreground we see centauri court photographer Steve Rogerson.

It is revealed that the Spock who is standing for Ruler of the Universe is actually the evil Spock from the Trek Mirror Universe.

Vila's Royal Mounties. In theory, they're helping some vampire gather votes, but they were much cuter than the vampire so I didn't bother including him in the picture. From the left, the mounties are Rita d'Orac, Emma Peel and Louise.

Steve Rogerson (transformed from centauri to klingon), Alison and I.

Delenn and Sheridan. The sun on Minbar must be really strong, because they look rather more tanned than usual. But then, living in a tin can in space probably isn't the best way in the universe to work up a good tan.

Tavia. Yet another person who didn't like being photographed.

Patricia Carter, one of the Una McCormacks, Judith Proctor and one of the old men are discussing if Blake was a terrorist or a freedom fighter.

The slash debate, held after the con closed. From the left: Someone whose name I misremembered, Katharine Woods, Susan Bennet, Tavia Chalcraft, the top of Patricia Carter's head, Louise Rutter, Morrigan, Ika and Tanja Kinkel.

More slash panel: Unknown person covering most of Julia Jones, Jane Carnall, Nikki Barnard, one of the Unas again, a bloke in a green shirt, yet another unknown, Fran and my Jenny. Jane has been whited out, since some miserable git tried to use this picture to harass her. As if listening to a panel would prove anything one way or another...

Yet more slash panel: Nicola Collie, don't know, Clare Goodall and someone called Smitty (she doesn't look very much like her IBM namesake).

Even more slash panel, including the panel themselves this time: Predatrix, the strange person who stormed out of the room later, Stuart Heal, Judith Proctor, Michael Saunders, Kathryn Andersen and Neil Faulkner.

Calm and quiet gathering late Sunday night.