What would the world be without madness?

Boring, that's what.

I really like strange people, and would very much like to be one. But since I'm not, I have to satisfy myself by looking at the home pages of the real weirdoes.

Eve Andersson (with two s's), who in spite of her name isn't swedish (not very much, anyway), is pretty odd. She's mightily fond of the number pi, and on one of her pages you can find the worst joke I've yet seen on the Net.
Nowadays, she updates her pages far too seldom. And on the rare occesions when she does, the new stuff isn't very interesting. The web isn't what it used to be...

Magnus Timmerby is by far the strangest human (or something) I've had the pleasure to encounter. It doesn't show very much in his homepage, unfortunately. If you understand swedish, you can read his own story about a train trip he made. Even if you don't read the language of the heroes, you can enjoy Magnus' page dedicated to asphalt.

Padrone is sort of discreetly strange. He'll appear to be quite normal most of the time, and then he'll suddenly say something really odd that leaves me thinking about it for days. Nice.

Anders Sandberg (who, unlike Eve, is swedish) seems to be pretty odd, but the jury is still out on that one (I heard some rumours about him the other day, and he really does seem to be quite odd). While they decide, send him some mail and ask him to relay secret messages to his cat.
UPDATE: Ok, so he's not that strange. I'm going to keep the link here anyway, because he seems to possess the strange ability to be spoken about in the most peculiar circumstances. Kind of like Anders Holmström's ability to show up, but the other way around.

While not being a single individual, the Church of Euthanasia is well worth a look. Stranger than any Discordian church I've ever seen, and on top of that they seem to be absolutely serious! They're also quite disgusting at times, and actually managed to gross me out once. I was impressed.

I'd like to have a pointer to a perfectly ordinary person, but I haven't been able to find any. If you know of any ordinary people with home pages, please tell me.
UPDATE: You've heard the saying, "beware what you wish for, it might be granted"? I knew you had!

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