That's a bit vague, isn't? Literature is a pretty large field... I'm trying to specialize in the study of Swedish science fiction. We'll see how that goes. SF isn't the most popular genre among the literary pros...

The Net as an anarchy

It isn't an anarchy, really. It is more of a meritocracy, where those who know the most about how it works makes most of the decicions. But those people tend to be hackers, or have hackerish views on life, and therefore try to let people have as much personal freedom as possible, so it looks a lot like an anarchy.

Mike Marsden not on the Net

No, he didn't kill himself. He simply had to quit his position at the university he worked on (I don't know why), and thus lost Net access. Not very dramatic.

Also, he's back on the Net now. He wasn't gone very long, really. Barely three years!

The Greatest Snooker Player The Universe Has Ever Known

That's Limaal Mandella, in case you didn't know. At least, he was The Greatest Snooker Player The Universe Has Ever Known until he was beaten by the Archangel Anagnosta.

A cabbage called Max

He writes that he's not a cabbage, but a Kumquat. Do you believe that?

Another goddess (maybe)

It's not that Eris may possibly be a goddess, because that she most definitely is, but rather that she may or may not be the same goddess as KaTe Bush. Is that clear?
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