Confuse-A-Friend, Ltd.

Do you, as I, enjoy confusing the hell out of your friends from time to time? Do you, as I, feel that this world of ours is far too ordinary most of the time? If your answer to these questions is "Hell, yes!" or something like that, read on!

Once upon a time a friend of mine went to the USA (we both lived, and still live, in Sweden). Before he left, I said to him "send a postcard to Eva". "Who?", he replied, as he didn't know Eva. "You don't know her. Here's her address," I answered. "Oh. Ok," he said, and not too long after he went away.

Time passed. One day, I got a phone call from Eva.
"Calle, have you been to the US without telling me about it?", she asked.
"No," I answered, truthfully. "Why do you ask?"
"I just got this strange letter from New York. Someone I've never heard of rambles on and on about how cool it feels to sit on Edgar Allan Poe's tombstone in the middle of the night writing letters by candlelight."
"That does sound pretty cool."
"Well, maybe it does. It's just that whenever someone around here gets some strange mail, you seem to be involved. Is this your doing?"
"I haven't sent any strange mail since I was to London," I said, neatly avoiding answering her question. She kept asking, and I kept sidestepping the issue (I don't like to lie). In the end, she became convinced it wasn't my doing, and started to pester other suspects. I was very amused. For weeks.

Most of my friends nowadays are university students, who can't afford to go on long trips to strange places. And if I persuade someone to send some mail from here, the recipient will instantly know that I'm behind it. That's no fun.

But the other night inspiration struck (or maybe the Goddess inspired me. Who can tell?). Why not use the Net? There are lots and lots of strange humans on there. Perhaps someone would like to send a strange postcard to a friend of mine, if I promise to do the same for them?

With that in mind, I hereby start Confuse-A-Friend, Ltd. If you send a piece of snail mail to

Emma Wieslander
Brännerigatan 5
SE-116 38 Stockholm

(Note: This adress is current as of 8 September 1999. If you read this a significant amount of time after that, the adress may no longer be valid.)

and then mail me saying you've done so, including the address of some friend of yours, I'll send something to your friend. Deal?
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