The Rumsodomy

Once there was an evil being, Rumsod was his name. He was devious and cunning, he created the world and invited many people to play. He made them feel welcome and loved, they loved him but his heart was black. He let them enjoy his world, he even let them send him offerings for favors. They made it their home and then he just let it burn. Rumsod did not do this for vengeance not for divine intervention, no. rumsod let his world destroy itself as it was 'this' that gave him pleasure. And as his people cried out and consumed themselves in utter chaos and misery, he sat alone squandering their offerings and laughed. The people were lost, the one whom they thought had loved them had forsaken them. Without guidance they roamed the lands finding new worlds but were rejected by their violent habitants. For too long has these people been alone and for too long have they been lead astray.

"I have never seen such a trainwreck, such a terrible, infected cyst full of malware, dox, and everything wrong with the internet, and quite possibly humanity as a whole, as BLOC. What would have otherwise been forgotten to the depths of time as just another shitty nation management sim played by liberal arts students and first-world anarchists quickly became a living nightmare none of us could have ever expected, full of e-drama, horrifying cybersex, limitless incompetence, laziness, and greed on the creator's part, and, of course, IRL beastiality. And I'd gladly do it all again. Say it with me, whether you be Comintern, Goon, or Anon, for the sake of a true golden age of all of mankind's depravities, lost in a wave of giant flaming nazi chainsaw robot avatars and Heidiland. Say it with me for the OP commie juntas, for the blatantly rigged RP elections, for the fall of our enemies and the glorious last stands, for the mystery that will forever remain of what layed beyond Advanced tech, for the updates that broke more things than they fixed, for the constant happenings, for the dildo sword, for the indescribable, primal terror we all felt whenever we dug deeper into the great abyss that was Comrade Kirino. Please, let's all say it again, just this one last time, old friends. Hail Hydra!!"--Some dude