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Art Submissions

If you want to add your art to this little "online gallery", then simply supply me with the following:
Image Files
The files containing the images.
  • "Continuous tone" colour art should be in JPEG/JFIF format.
  • "Block tone" colour art should be in GIF format. (I.e. images containing only solid colour fields. Think of it as comic book or animation style art).
  • Grayscale art should be in JPEG or GIF format.
  • Line art should be in GIF format. (I.e. black lines on white background).
  • The images should be no larger than approximately 600-700 pixels wide/high.
Previews (optional)
Small versions of the images. They should be in GIF format and exactly 128 pixels across.
Who is the Artist?
A short text describing yourself. Should preferrably contain an e-mail address.
Image Descriptions (optional, but preferred)
A short text for each image. Is there any story behind the image? What has it been used for? What do you want to say with it?
Copyright (Mandatory)
A letter stating:
  • It is your images.
  • You are the copyright holder.
  • It is OK for me to show them here.

The files can be sent in any of the following manners:
(Ordered by preference)
Linköping SF Archive / Mats Öhrman / 13 Nov 95