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* See also Multiple-author Resource Guides and the Bibliographies and lists section, if your favorite author doesn't have a home page listed here.
Irene Radford (sff.net)
"Irene has been writing stories ever since she figured out what a pencil was for. Combining a love for Medieval history and a fascination with paranormal, Irene concentrated on fantasy writing... In her spare time, Irene enjoys lacemaking and is a long time member of an international guild." (Ben Karr)
Bill Ransom's Official Website (sfwa.org)
"Author Bill Ransom was born in Puyallup, Washington, in 1945, before the bomb, the Pentagon or Israel. He began full-time employment at the age of eleven as an agricultural worker and attended Washington State University on track and boxing scholarships... Bill Ransom writes and makes his home in western Washington. During the academic year he teaches creative writing for The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington." (Bill Ransom)
Melanie Rawn Archives: The Dragon's Inn (dragons-inn.org) [Updated 26-Sep-2001]
Home page for newsgroup alt.books.sf.melanie-rawn (Dave Womack)
Kit Reed (focus-consulting.co.uk) home page
"I've been accused of being a writer of literary fiction, a comic novelist, a feminist science fiction writer and of writing pscyhological thrillers that give readers nightmares. This may be because I am easily bored, which means I never do the same thing twice.." (Kit Reed)
Mike Resnick: official Author Page (mikeresnick.com) [Updated 01-Oct-2001]
"Stories, bibliography, articles, and interviews can be found at this site." (John Teehan) [Updated 27-Sep-2001] [Updated Oct 2001]
Anne Rice: The Official Home Page (annerice.com)
"All about Anne, her books, fan services, photos, and much more... Get the latest news on Anne's newest projects... Tours of New Orleans through Anne's Eyes... Information on Anne Rice-related items and merchandise." Your hardworking SFRG maintainer checked out this page, and was amazed and delighted at the wealth of personal material on this page -- stuff you're not likely to find in published form, either. (Kith and Kin)
Jennifer Roberson (cheysuli.com)
"Since 1984, Jennifer Roberson has published 20 solo novels, among them thirteen bestselling fantasy novels: the 8-volume Chronicles of the Cheysuli, about a race of shapechangers and a divine prophecy; and the 4-volume Sword-Dancer saga the author describes as 'Conan the Barbarian Meets Gloria Steinem.'"
Spider Robinson's site (psg.com)
"This is Spider Robinson's site, maintained for him by Ted Powell... The site includes a bibliography; follow 'The Spider Robinson Checklist.'" (Ted Powell) [Updated Oct 2001]
Robert E. Rogoff (robertrogoff.com) [Updated 27-Sep-2001]
"This site is best viewed with Netscapades, Internut Exploder, or Van Eck Radiation."
Joel Rosenberg: Home Page (winternet.com)
(Joel Rosenberg)
Chuck Rothman (sff.net) Home Page
(Chuck Rothman)
Eric Frank Russell - The Forgotten Master (stageleft.com.au) [Updated 26-Sep-2001]
"I discovered the works of Eric Frank Russell in the 1980s when a good friend of mine, Moira Dahlberg, suggested that I might like his work. I'd never heard of him, unlike Asimov or Clarke, and I'd sometimes found their work a bit stodgy and dated. Lord knew what this obscure author from the 1940s would be like, but Moira liked him so I thought I'd give him a go... I was instantly hooked." Has biography, bibliography, some other commentary as well. (Narrelle Harris)
Mary Doria Russell (nccw.net) [Updated 06-Oct-2001]
Author of The Sparrow and Children of God, includes sample chapters and a FAQ for her work. (Mary Doria Russell) [Updated Oct 2001]

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