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Writers Resources

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Various resources

Advice to Aspiring Writers (starrigger.net)
(Jeffrey A. Carver)
cybRpunk (wirewd.com) [Updated 06-Oct-2001]
Cyberpunk writer's resource. CybRpunk provides writing help, technology information, setting notes, etc. (Ken Wronkiewicz) [Updated Oct 2001]
[FTP] The Internet writer resource guide (mit.edu)
This document is primarily a list of magazines and newsletters accepting submissions by email, and branching out into Internet resources for the writer in general. (Larry Detweiler)
Vonda N. McIntyre's Property Under Development on the Verge of the Information Superhighway (sff.net)
Includes "Pitfalls of Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy, General Useful Information, and Other Opinionated Comments," by Vonda N. McIntyre, in serial form. (Vonda N. McIntyre)
Northwest Writer Resources Homepage (forwriters.com) [Updated 05-Oct-2001]
"In addition to extensive links it also has a Writers Notebook..." (Jack Beslanwitch) [Updated Oct 2001]
On Writing (sfwriter.com) [Updated 27-Sep-2001]
"I do a column called "On Writing" for each issue of On Spec, Canada's principal English-language SF magazine. Previous installments of that column are available on my page." (Robert J. Sawyer)
writers.net: Research Central (word.to)
Chapter 14 ("Net Research") of "writers.net: Every Writer's Essential Guide to Online Resources and Opportunities" by Gary Gach. "Through these nine buttons you will find over 150 hyperlinks that will jumpstart your research on the Internet. We are excited to provide these writer's resources free of charge. Please let us know if you find these helpful, or if there are any inaccurate or invalid URLs..." (Gary Gach)
Sci Fi Arizona (scifi-az.com), Tempe, Arizona
"In this section we publish articles of interest to writers. We have two main discussion forums: 1) general advice and techniques for writers, and 2) the special needs of science fiction writing. If you are now a writer, wish to be a writer in the future, or are interested in the craft of writing, you will find both forums to be interesting. The articles are available for download in PDF format or for reading on the screen." [Sample article titles: The Theory of Dialogue, The Practice of Dialogue, Rhythm In Fiction, Time Travel in Fiction, Astronomy For Science Fiction Writers.] (Michael McCollum)
Writer's Block (writersblock.ca) [Updated 05-Oct-2001]
"What do you do when your pen is paralyzed, when you're frozen in front of your computer screen with nothing to say? ...Stop by Writer's Block, a creative reference for wordsmiths of all types. While the site is more inspiration to get you going than an actual remedy for the problem, Writer's Block does make for a refreshing break." [Your SFRG maintainer saw this site reviewed in Netsurfer Digest (netsurf.com). -chaz] [Updated Oct 2001]


Clarion West (sff.net)
"Every summer, Clarion West assembles a group of 20 new writers and brings them together in Seattle for a rigorous six-week live-in workshop." (Kate Schaefer)
Odyssey, the Fantasy Writing Workshop (nhc.edu)
"Odyssey is a summer writing workshop for writers of fantasy, science fiction, and horror. The workshop, held annually [since 1996] on the campus of New Hampshire College in Manchester, New Hampshire, runs for six weeks [in June-July]... and combines an intensive learning and writing experience with in-depth feedback on students' manuscripts. Odyssey is for developing writers who want to put aside all their other concerns for six weeks and focus solely on their writing. Class meets for three hours in the morning, five days a week, and students use the afternoons and evenings to write and read each other's work. College credit is available upon request." (Jeanne Cavelos)

Agents and Other Commercial Services for Writers

Authorlink (authorlink.com)
"An on-line information service for writers, editors, literary agents and publishers. We showcase, market and match quality manuscripts to fit publishers' specific needs... Netscape 2.0 +, and high-speed access recommended." (I'm not sure exactly how this site works, but it involves a fee to participate. Can anyone out there in SFRG-land tell me more about it? -chaz) (Doris Booth)
The Cheshire Agency (qed.net)
"I'm a literary agent who deals mainly in Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Horror. I just started my agency, and for now, it exists solely on the internet... " (Joseph D. Mc Clure)

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