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Rev. 09-Oct-2001

Convention Reports

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A Child's Garden of Rockets (worldcon.org), by Mike Glyer. [Updated 02-Oct-2001]
Some anecdotes about the Hugos, from previous Worldcons. (Mike Glyer) [Updated Oct 2001]
Corflu 14: pictures (hidden-knowledge.com)
(Karen Schaffer)
Corflu Sunsplash '99 (geocities.com) [New 09-Oct-2001]
"Corflu Sunsplash has come and gone. It was not an overly large Corflu. In fact it was more like a private Corflu. Only the Elite showed up. We had such BNF's as rich brown, Ted White, Frank Lunney, Don Fitch, Goerge Flynn, Art Widner, Joyce and Arnie Katz, Andy Hooper, Carrie Root, Ken Foreman, John Hardin, Hope Leibowitz, Joe Siclari and Eddy Stern. There was alot of good food and alot of fellowship. I do not remember the whole program because I was too caught up in all who were there! I was about as excited as a neofan could get!" (Shelby Vick) [Added Oct 2001] [New 09-Oct-2001]
Janice's Convention Career (geocities.com) and Janice's Sorta Annual Worldcon Awards (geocities.com)
The first page has quick one-paragraph reports on the cons she's attended. The second page of awards consists of her own choices for Best Button, Best Overheard Conversation, and so forth. (Janice Gelb) [Updated 27-Sep-2001]
L.A.con III con reports (worldcon.org) [Updated 02-Oct-2001]
1996 Worldcon. [Updated Oct 2001]
L.A.con III pictures (worldcon.org) [Updated 02-Oct-2001]
1996 Worldcon. Includes pointer to L.A.con III "official" photos (worldcon.org) R.L. Smith-Graham) [Updated 02-Oct-2001] [Updated Oct 2001]
Magicon (fanac.org)
Virtual MagiCon Memory Book (short, under construction, some photos) (Laurie D. T. Mann)
Novacon 26 (demon.co.uk) conreport [Updated 02-Oct-2001]
"What I did on My Holidays" by Dr. Plokta. (Mike Scott) [Updated Oct 2001]

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