The Tariqas Mailing List Archive

The Tariqas Mailing List Archive

Quoting from the introductory statement by the founder, Steve Rose,
'tariqas' is a discussion group focusing on spiritual paths/ways/orders. The word "tariqas" is Arabic, and literally means "paths" or "ways." It is applied to the various Sufi Orders (e.g. the Mevlevi tariqa; the Naqshbandi tariqa).

Members of all Sufi Orders, whether Muslims or non-Muslims, are welcome to participate in our group. But, this group is not exclusive to Muslims, or even to those following a specifically Sufi path. If you are a Muslim, and are interested in also participating in a group exclusively for Muslims involved with the Sufi path, you are welcome to contact who runs a similar discussion group, titled 'sufi'.

'tariqas' is intended for any person involved in any spiritual path, who is open to sharing in an open and honest way with others - who may be involved in the same path, or one which may appear, on the surface at least, to be very different. In general, most of the participants in 'tariqas' are involved in "paths of the heart" - of love.

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