The United Divination Archive

The Neopagan Divination Archive & The Occult Divination Archive

Divination and divinatory tools.

In this context the terms Neopagan and Occult have more to do with which directory the files happen to be located in on the ftp-area, than anything else.

Divinatory tools other than the Tarot

Neopagan divinatory tools other than the Tarot

Occult divinatory tools other than the Tarot

Individual Tarot cards and their interpretations

Neopagan individual Tarot cards and their interpretation, Occult individual Tarot cards and their interpretation, including a brief summary of the most common interpretations.

Tarot packs

Neopagan Tarot packs Occult Tarot packs including an article about how to choose your first pack.

Tarot spreads

Neopagan Tarot spreads

Occult Tarot spreads

A FAQ of Tarot spreads

Other uses for Tarot packs


Books about divination and divinatory tools

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