The Religious Archive

The Religious Archive

The Religious Archive is one of the largest and most accessed parts of the Lysator site.
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Currently the Religious Archive contains information about the following religious paths:
This is the archive of the Morning Star magazine about Christianity. It is maintained by Per Cederqvist,

Discordianism is a fairly new religion (late fifties). It is mainly concerned with the balance between order and chaos. Its main deity is Eris, the Greek Godess of Discord. There are also numerous saints. For a quick introduction read The Turkey Curse .

Islam is about 500 years younger than Christianity. It is a monotheistic religion with adherents mainly in the Middle East. For a quick introduction read The Fundamentals of the Islamic Religion by Sheikh Al-Islam Mohammad Bin Sulaiman At-Tamimi.

Neopaganism is a group of religions which evolved out of the works of Gerald Gardner, Doreen Valiente and Alex Sanders in Britain in the twentieth century. Asatru and Neoshamanism are often counted as Neopagan. Wicca is the largest Neopagan denomination. For an excellent short introduction you can read The Alt.Pagan FAQ .

Since I am a Neopagan myself, this is the by far the largest of the directories in the Religious Archives.

The Neopagan pages have been listed as Pagan Best of the Net!

Worship of adversary deities such as Satan, Prometheus and Set as it is done today. For a quick introduction, read the FAQ from alt.satanism.

These are the archives of the Tariqas mailing list, which concerns itself with non-denominational sufism. For more information mail Steve Rose,

Zen Buddhism
Buddhism is about 500 years older than Christianity. Zen Buddhism is the Japanese form of it. It stresses meditation (zazen) more than other forms of Buddhism. This directory is maintained by Mikael Cardell. You can reach him at: He has a page about his Zen activities too.

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