Here are some of the many projects by members of Lysator documented

AHI is the de facto retargetable audio standard for AmigaOS.
Purp is a tool for managing RPM packages using an ncurses-based interface.
A teleconferencing system developed by members of Lysator. In it most of Lysators activities are planned, discussed, condemned, flamed and some carried out.
A HTTP server developed mostly by Lysator members. In fact, it's the one serving you this document.
Project Runeberg
Project Runeberg publishes free electronic editions of classic Nordic literature and art on the Internet since 1992. Since 1996, this is a joint project between Lysator and Linköping University Library.
Amiga Intuition Look-alike Window Manager
amiwm is an X window manager that tries to make your display look and feel like an Amiga® Workbench® screen. It is fully functional and can do all the usual window manager stuff, like moving and resizing windows.
Pike is a dynamic language with a syntax that looks like C. It is simple to learn, doesn't need long compilation passes and has powerful builtin data types that allows simple and fast data manipulation.
A server for the IDENT (RFC1413) protocol, which can be used to identify remote TCP/IP users.
DSP56k MPEG Audio Decoder
mp2 decodes MPEG Audio Layer2 streams in realtime using the ATARI Falcon's DSP 56001. The latest version features handshaked DMA, taking 0% of CPU time.
Sprite Animation Toolkit
SAT is a programming library for Macintosh computers, for creating games and other programs using animated sprites.
A GNU Emacs mode for SGML files.
Kana Server
A server that transforms Romaji to Katakana and Hiragana.
JySKom allows you to read and participate in the discussions of the LysKOM system. It is the first used client with graphical user interface, combines WWW with threaded reading of conferences and offers a better overview.
A media experience better than yours.

Past Projects

An LPC driver aiming to make LPC a language usable for more than MUD. LPC4 has been abandoned in favor of µLPC. µLPC has since then changed name to Pike.
The Emma Codelock
A security device attached to the Q-house. It has been known to have let people in during those few times the Q-house has been empty.
Real World Interface
RWI gives you direct access to our back yard. This is an experiment in presentation of geographic information.
A simple C++ toolkit for X-windows programming. It is currently very unfinished, but will hopefully be usable some day.
A project to create a dorm network spanning the largest housing area for students.
Lysator Multithreaded Amiga Emulator
A multithreaded Amiga emulator, with one thread for each CPU (The copper and the blitter have separate threads from the main CPU) and perhaps for each started DMA transfer. This should make it fast enough to be usable.
Parallax VIPER Device Driver
The Parallax VIPER Graphics card features some stunning hardware capabilities like realtime frame grabbing, pan and dithering.
Another HTTP server. This one is used to serve the Science Fiction Archive. It uses multithreading, dynamic linking and memory mapped I/O to be very fast.
EWAN (Emulator without a good name) is a terminal emulator for MS windows.