This list is maintained by Linus at Lysator Academic Computer Society.
Lysator is located at the Linköping University in Linköping, Sweden.

List of academic computer clubs in scandinavia

This is a list of computer clubs in scandinavia. This is really a list of the Nucc (Nordic University Computer Club) community. The list has ambitions to be a very good list in this aspect but is probably not. I will however include corrections and additions that are sent to me (Linus). You can read more about Nucc and Nuccc.

A collection of logotypes of some of the clubs:

Astrakan Big Ctrl-c Dash Lysator Modeemi ry Netverksgruppa Pvv tsdf Update

List of other clubs

The following clubs are excluded from the above list since they are not part of the Nucc community. This could be a matter of debate but noone has yet disagreed with me on this.

List of lists

There are other www-sites carrying lists of computer clubs just like this one. I have listed some of them here.
Collected by Linus Tolke <> on the Lysator WWW-server.
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