Submit an Update to the Database The Internet Pinball Database is the product of the cooperation between several pinball enthusiasts. You can help improve the database even further by adding information you know that's not already in the database and by checking the information that's already in there to make sure that it's correct. * Ways to Help \\ - Machine at Home? :: If you have a pinball machine at home, please look it up in the database and check the entry for correctness and completeness. Since most entries are brief you can probably flesh them out. \\ - Operator or Technician? :: You really have an opportunity to help! When a machine comes your way, look it up in the database and check that the entry is correct. In many cases you can probably add some information as well. If you're really ambitious, take photographs and submit them as well. \\ - Just a Player? :: You can still help! Look the machines you play regularly up in the database and make sure the entry matches your experiences. \\ * How to Submit an Update

Just e-mail your update to . Please make sure you follow the following guidelines, or we may be unable to use the information you provide. * Guidelines \\ - Identify the
Machine! :: We need to know which machine you are talking about. Since there are often several machines with the same name and sometimes even the same manufacturer, it is sometimes difficult for us to figure out which machine is meant just from the name.

We always need the name of the machine you're sending us information about. If you can, please tell us the ID number of the machine as well. The ID number is listed in all search results. If you can't find the ID number, we'll need the manufacturer and the approximate age of the machine if you can figure it out. \\ - Where Did You Get
the Information? :: When we get conflicting information, and we often do, we try to decide on which version to include in the database based on where the information came from. So when sending us an update, please say where your information comes from. Typical information sources are the machine itself, a flyers, memory, or from being involved in the design of the machine. \\ - The Information
Itself:: Once the formalities are done, send us all the information you want. We're interested in pretty much anything related to any pinball machine.

If you're sending us information about a machine that's not in the database already, please be as thorough as possible. We're reluctant to add machines to the database unless we have at least the name, manufacturer and year the machine was released, although we do make exceptions to that rule when we feel it's warranted. \\ - Want to send
photos? :: Sure you do! If you have a photo that you feel would be useful in the database, perhaps a picture of a machine that's currently without, or a new view or a photo that's an improvement over one we already have, please e-mail it to .

We prefer JPEG images with very high quality (low compression), at least 400 pixels wide. We're interested in all types of illustrations, including scanned flyers, posters, ads, instruction cards and even schematics. \\ - Who are You? :: Finally, please let us know who you are. Include an e-mail address in case we need to contact you. \\ * Checklist \\ - :: You can follow this checklist when sending us e-mail. \\ - ::

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