Thanks for the Help This is thanks to the individuals who have made truly significant contributions to the Internet Pinball Database. Without them the IPD wouldn't be what it is today. * Terry Cumming \\ - Terry Cumming agreed to let us use his pinball motif classification structure as the basis for our "theme" field. Terry developed this structure for a college statistics course project in 1981. His report, "Trends in U.S.A. Pinball Machine Motifs, 1947-1981" was reprinted in the May-June 1988 issue of The Pinball Trader newsletter.

Terry has also been kind enough to contribute his research on World War II pinball machine conversions for inclusion in the database.\\ * Sam Harvey\\ - Sam Harvey is gratefully acknowledged for supplying large amounts of information on which artists and designers were involved in the creation of which games.\\ * Rob Hawkins
Don Mueting\\ - Rob Hawkins and Don Mueting have contributed a version of their Pinball Collector's Resource in electronic form. Their contribution has been of great use for cross-checking the database for completeness and accuracy.\\ * Russ Jensen\\ - Russ Jensen contributed nearly 2000 photographs of various pinball machines from 1935 and forward. Most of these are now included in the database after having been scanned by Frank Laughlin. \\ * Jim Schelberg
Mike Pacak\\ - Jim Schelberg and Mike Pacak, the publishers of the Pinball Flyer Reference Guide allowed us to use the production numbers and designer/artist credits from their book.\\ * Bill Ung\\ - Bill Ung contributed his collection of slogans from pinball machine flyers and other marketing materials. Many of the marketing slogans in the datbase are from Bill's list.\\ * Everyone Else\\ - . . . and thanks to all the other people who have sent us photographs, information, suggestions and feedback. It couldn't have been done without you.
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