Please Help Us Improve the IPD If you want to help us with the Internet Pinball Database, but you can't thnk of something to do, here are some ideas. If one of the suggestions below sounds interesting, let us know by sending e-mail to . * Equipment \\ - A Hard Drive :: The Internet Pinball Database takes up a lot of disk space. So far we've had free access, but we're running out of space. Wer're looking for someone who can donate a SCSI hard drive that's at least 1GB large. \\ * Simple Things \\ - Database Updates :: If you have a machine at home, please complete the datbase entry for your machine. You can add things like playfield features, theme, and notes. \\ - Phototgraphy :: If you have a camera and a scanner, you can photograph pinball machines and scan the photos for the IPD. Just e-mail the photos to as MIME attachments. We prefer JPEG images with low compression (high quality), at least 400 pixels wide. We're interested in all kind of pinball machine related pictures and graphics. \\ - Proof Reading :: If you have access to a collection of pinball books and magazines you could really help us by checking that the data in the IPD matches the data found in books. We're not only interested in finding out what's wrong, but we're also interested in finding out which database records can be verified. \\ * Projects \\ - Manufacturer
Database :: We want to add a comprehensive database with information about pinball machine manufacturers. We need someone who is willing to collect information for this database. \\ - People
Database :: It would be nice to have a database of biographies of the people who have been involved in the design of pinball machines. We need someone who is willing to collect information for this database.
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