Welcome to the Pinball Pasture * News \\ - :: :: Work and a shift in interestes keep me from maintaining this site properly. I'll be removing several sections that haven't been maintained in a long time. The data will not disappear, and may come back if I have time to play with the site in the future \\ * Contents \\ - The Internet
Pinball Database :: http://www.ipdb.org/ :: The Internet Pinball Database is a comprehensive listing of most pinball machines ever manufactured, with photos of over 2000 machines. This resource has not been maintained here for years, so the link points to an external site. \\ - How to Play Pinball :: playing/ :: This section contains tips and strategies for playing pinball. If you're a novice player, you'll find information that can make you better, and if you already play pinball, you can find information on advanced techniques. \\ - Little Tidbits :: tidbits/ :: This section contains a bunch of random things, such as reviews of games, information from Pinball Expo 94 and other stuff. \\ - A Pinball Glossary :: glossary/ :: Don't know what a captive ball is or what SDTM means? This is the place for you! \\ - About the Pinball Pasture :: about.html :: Want to know more about the Pinball Pasture? Look here! \\ * Not Maintained \\ - The Serial
Numbers Database :: :: This resource is no longer maintained and has ceased to work. The information that used to be here will eventually be included in the Internet Pinball Database. \\ - The Farm :: :: This section used to contain links to pinball sites. This has not been maintained for years and has finally been removed.
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