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           ::::      "SHOTGUN SHELL BOMBS"     ::::
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           ::::    The Poor Man's James Bond   ::::
           ::::           by Kurt Saxon        ::::
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These little goodies are affectionately known as "nut busters." They are simply shotgun shells enclosed in cardboard rolls with cardboard fins put on. On the primer end of the shell is glued a small cork with a hole drilled through it. A roofing nail fits in the hole snugly enough to stay in, but loose enough to plunge into the primer upon impact.

Since the shell is not confined in the chamber of the gun, it will naturally not cause the same amount of damage. But if it goes off between a fellow's legs he can look forward to becoming a soprano.

These bombs are thrown singly or by the handful into the air over milling crowds. The weight of the shell and stabilization by the fins causes the nut buster to head straight downward.

It has tremendous effect as its presence is usually a suprise. The threat of more coming is guaranteed to route any mob.

Not only does it go off on the pavement but it will also explode on contact with a person's head or shoulder. At night it is impossible to trace its point of origin.

                 !    \
              /> !     \                /- Cork
          Fins   !     !               v
           ! \   !         !-----!   ! \ !
           !  \> !------   !     !   !---!  <-- Roofing nail
           !     !         !-----!   ! / !
           \     --------------------!/
            \    !     !       ^
             \-> !     / ^      \
                 !    /  !       \
                 -----   !       Shell
                Close fitting 3-1/2 inch Aluminum Tubing
                Glued on Shell.

A clever use for a plain shotgun shell is as a muffler bomb. The shell is simply shoved up a car's exhaust pipe with a length of stiff wire until it drops into the muffler. After a few minutes on the road the shell explodes, totalling out the muffler and treating the driver to a sick kind of panic.