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Phreak World News II

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We at Phrack Inc, respectfully retract all statements made in last issue concerning Stronghold East Elite and the LOD. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Phreaks Against Geeks

This group was formed as a joke by The W(hack)o Cracko Brothers Inc. on a conference in December of 1985. The charter members were TWCB, taRfruS, Blue Adept, The Clashmaster, and a few others. Since then, Catcher in the Rye and the Slovak have tried to join.

Later that month, Boston Strangler and Micro Man formed PAP, which stands for Phreaks Against Phreaks Against Geeks. Other opposers of PAG include: Hack Attack, The Detective, Kleptic Wizard and The Overlord 313. It is not known if these others are now in PAP or not.

All of this nonsense was really started on the Dartmouth System and is mainly a local feud of phreaks in the Boston (617 NPA) area.

Brainstorm Gets 10 Megs

Finally, after several months of promises, Brainstorm (ELITE) now has a 10 Meg Hard-drive. As of January 1, 1986 Modern Mutant cleared the userlog of Brainstorm and a membership drive was started. Note: To become a member of Brainstorm, you will have to take a small (and more or less easy) filter. Some other new features on Brainstorm are online games; Karate, Football, and a hacking simulation.

Anarchy Inc. Disbanded

Anarchy Inc., a once very famous g-phile writing organization, has been disbanded. Basically because most of its membership are now attending college.

Dartmouth Conferences To Be Abolished?

This message was given on January 9, 1986 when a user would try to join a conference.

XCaliber, Fantasie, Spectre, etc are not available until tomorrow. Due to pressure from Kiewit and some users, conferences have been disabled for one day. Hopefully this will remind some people that the conferences are a public service on the part of a few people and are not a "right". Recent abuse of the conferences has made caring for these conferences almost more trouble than they are worth. These abuses have also caused some users to complain to Kiewit. Too many complaints and they might vanish altogether. If everyone will work at keeping the conferences reasonably clean and free of abuse life will be much easier. Thank you for your time and appologies for the lack of conferences.

You are no longer connected to conference "XYZ".

Later, Corwin got pissed off by the password abuse that was going on and killed almost all non-Dartmouth student passwords. It is also rumored that he took down the DUNE bbs, however Apollo Phoebus says that it is a temporary thing and that DUNE will be going back up soon.

MCI Employee Bust

Employees at MCI were creating fake accounts and then running up massive bills. Then later they would either credit the accounts or say that the subscriber reported code abuse. Any employee found doing this was fired.

Another way these employees were cheating the company was by reporting code abuse on their own accounts, however MCI Security using CNA quickly caught these employees.

Note: MCI Security has stated that the only real way that they can catch abusers of the phone company is by calling the numbers that the abusers call and asking them who they know making these calls.

Information has been provided through MCI Security


MCI Telecommunications company has merged with IBM and their phone industry SBS. This was an effort to join the two as strong allies against AT&T.

                      IBM computers  Vs.  AT&T computers

             MCI Telecommunications  Vs.  AT&T Telecommunications
Changes arising from this merger (if any) are not known, but none are expected for some years.

The Life And Crimes of the W(hack)o Cracko Brothers

The date is somewhere in December of 1984. Peter writes a code hacker for the Hayes and tells Tim NOT to use it on Sprint because they trace. Sometime later that night Tim received a call from Scan Man, sysop of P-80.

Scan Man said he needed TWCB to hack him some Sprint codes cause he didn't have the time or a Hayes. Tim did it for him on the 314-342-8900 Sprint extender.

He left it on all night and the next day while he was in school. Sprint traced him. At 9:00 AM the next morning agents from the FBI, AT&T, Western Union, GTE, and Southwestern Bell, arrived at TWCB's house.

They were let in, bringing with them cameras and tape recorders among other equipment. Upon seeing this Peter blew into an upstairs extension and cancelled the dialing program, but not before the agents made sure it was the right place.

All of TWCB's computer equipment was confiscated and Tim was taken downtown shortly after being picked up at school. Peter was sick and left home. Tim was later released in his mother's custody.

They each received probation and 100 hours of county service.

That was then...

Recently TWCB has come under investigation for the following: Drug use and dealing, burglary, forgery, and fraudulent use of a credit card.

Peter: 8 Class A Felony charges
       1 Class A Misdemeanor charge
       1 Class B Misdemeanor charge

Tim:   6 Class A Felony charges
       2 Class B Misdemeanor charges
Note: Some of these misdemeanors are for not returning library books.

Also it has been said that Tim has been in jail 11 times. Both members of TWCB are now enrolled in a reform school.

The information in this article has been provided by TWCB, directly and/or indirectly.

Blue Adept: Gone For Good

Blue Adept, known for being an all around loser and Dartmouth impersonator, decided to try blue boxing. For some reason he decided to call an out-of-state trunk direct.

Later that month Blue Adept and his parents received a phone bill with a charge around $386.00. This led to his being restricted from using the phone.

Sometime after this incident Blue Adept received an invitation to join on a conference. He wasn't home but his parents decided to stay on and listen in.

Blue Adept is not allowed on conferences anymore and all calls to him are now screened.

Overlord 313 Busted: Step dad turns him in

Overlord's step-dad always would be checking his computer to see what was on it and what was nearby. Last week he noticed the credits in Overlord's file on Wiretapping, which can be seen in this issue of Phrack.

He reported his findings to Overlord's mom. She had a talk with him and he promised to stop his evil ways. His step-dad didn't believe him for a second.


Step-dad goes on business trip, where he meets Ma Bell executive Don Mitchell. Step-dad asks all sorts of different questions regarding use of MCI dialups and Alliance Teleconferencing, and talks about how his step-son does all these things and more. Don strongly suggests that he reports this to the phone company...



No legal action against Overlord has taken place as of now.

Information Provided by The Overlord of 313

Maelstrom 305 Busted

While I am not at liberty to revel all the information concerning this bust I will mention the bare facts.

Maelstrom hacked into the Southern Bell Data Network (SBDN). This system happened to be local to him so he did not bother to use an extender. Unfortunately this system also had ANI (Automatic Number Identification). His computer and other equipment as well as all his files were confiscated as evidence.

Information provided by the Maelstrom of 305

Whackoland BBS

This bbs is now up and running strong. Its sysops are of course...TWCB Inc. 300/1200 Baud, and 40 Megs. It has unique features and great mods as well as Elite Sections. Call today... 314-256-8220. Note: Only 100 users will be kept so if you are just a beginner please don't bother to call.

R.I.P. Broadway Show

The Broadway Show BBS in New York is now down, and Broadway Hacker will soon be in Washington DC. This C-64 run bbs, was one of the best in its time, but later it became a hangout for rodents.

>From its ashes rises a new bbs, however its name has not been released as of this writing. Broadway Hacker will sysop this bbs for about a week and then turn it over to the new sysop. His name is not yet know, probably since he hasn't a handle yet.

Although this new bbs will appear legal and have some legal sections it is indeed a phreak bbs, and should be checked out.


Speed Demon Elite Down?

This bbs sysoped by Radical Rocker has suddenly disappeared leaving the caller with a message of the line being disconnected. No other information is available.

Well that's all for this issue's Phreak World News. If you have anything of news

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