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Phreak World News

Compiled by
 \\\\\=-{ Knight Lightning }-=/////

Spitfire Hacker Leaves Phreak World

Spitfire Hacker resigned from the phreaking world in December due to a lack of computer. He now is holding a job and trying to earn enough money to get another computer. He says that he plans to be back by November 1986.

MCI Cracks Down

Dr. Crash busted for MCI scanning. In the early part of December, Dr. Crash ran a scanner on MCI, MCI traced him and told him to stop, unfortunately Dr. Hack, another 314er, started scanning the same port later that night. MCI didn't trace it again and assumed it was Dr. Crash back at work. All of his files were hidden away but MCI and authorities confiscated his Atari computer and his phone. MCI security told Dr. Crash that he was part of an ongoing investigation. Later that month he had a meeting with MCI security, where they questioned him about the incident. His computer, they told him, will arrive in the mail soon.

Also in this issues news.

Jester Sluggo said his goodbyes to St.Louis and now has returned to his home in Cross-Bar Territory.


_ _ ________ | \/ | / ______/ |_||_|etal / /hop __________/ / /___________/ AE 300/1200/2400 Baud/20 Megs Online 24 hours a day/7 days a week Sysop: Cheap Shades (314) 256-7284
If you would like to become a member of this board please contact Cheap Shades, Knight Lightning, or Taran King for the general password.

Metal Shop...PRIVATE

Metal Shop is now officially a private BBS. On Jan. 2 Taran King and Knight Lightning purged 241 users from the Metal Shop userlist. There are now general passwords and new user passwords to this system. If you would like to become a member of Metal Shop, please contact Taran King, Knight Lightning, or Cheap Shades on any bbs they are on.

Extasyy Elite Disbanded

The following data has not been completely researched and may be considered as rumors. Bit Blitz busted for phreaking, the organization and enforcement agencies are unknown. However, $3000 worth of computer material (7 computers) were confiscated. Also it is reported that The Mentor informed on him.

The Mentor was busted for breaking into his school to steal 29 computers. Also it has been said that Poltergeist is in the hospital with leukemia. It is unknown if any other members were busted for any other reasons. However, all former members are apparently safe now.

The Bit Blitz and Crustaceo Mutoid are supposedly forming a new group called Rising Force and The Mentor is starting an elite hacking group.

Much of this information has been supplied by former Extasyy member:

Kleptic Wizard

Legion of Doom Vs. Stronghold East Elite

Somehow The Maelstrom found the secret LOD VMS in 305, and decided to post about it on Stronghold East. Knight Lightning spoke with Compu-Phreak of the LOD, and he said that he told Slave Driver, co-sysop of Stronghold East, to remove all posts concerning the LOD VMS, and the LOD itself. He also threatened that failure to do so would bring down the wrath of the 6 most active members of the LOD.

When last looked at Stronghold East still had the information online.

The LOD VMS has 96 megs online and store information in a way similar to laserdisc.

All readers are encouraged NOT to call it as Compu-Phreak is getting pissed and you don't have the passwords anyway.

Dartmouth Abandoned

With the destruction of the 58107s 12-27-65 password to the Dartmouth system, it seems to have been abandoned by phreaks. This is good because basically it only causes trouble. Many users get impersonated on that system and false rumors are constantly being started. The best way to have a conference is a tele-conference...start one today!