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Prevention of the Billing Office Blues

Editorial: Forest Ranger

In an earlier article there were ways explained on bullshiting the Billing Office at Bell. By doing so one could disconnect a persons line, add call forwarding, call waiting, threeway calling, speed calling, or other options that might be available through Bell. Well, this can be very disturbing and cause many problems so lets see how this can be prevented. First off, it would be a very good idea to call the Billing office for your exchange and ask that all inquires made on the your line be verified with you. Is what happens now is that Bell marks down in your file that if you decide that you would like a certain Bell option added to your line; they will call and check it out with you or the person that pays the phone bill. So if someone tries to add something onto your line you will be notified before hand. This has two advantages, one you will prevent any occurences on your line, two you will know that someone is attempting to mess around with your phone line. But, in the end you will come out on top because you took the time to listen. And as Smokey the Bear says, "Don't Shit in the woods I LIVE HERE!".