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Hacking SAM

A Description Of The Dial-Up Security System
Written by Spitfire Hacker

SAM is a security system that is being used in many colleges today as a security feature against intrusion from the outside. This system utilizes a dial-back routine which is very effective. To access the computer, you must first dial the port to which SAM is hooked up. The port for one such college is located at (818) 885- 2082. After you have called, SAM will answer the phone, but will make no other responses (no carrier signals). At this point, you must punch in a valid Login Identification Number on a push-button phone. The number is in this format -- xxyyyy -- where xx is, for the number mentioned above, 70. 'yyyy' is the last 4 digits of the valid user's telephone number.

If a valid LIN is entered, SAM will give one of 3 responses:

  1. A 1 second low tone
  2. A 1 second alternating high/low tone
  3. A tone burst
Responses 1 and 2 indicate that SAM has accepted your passcode and is waiting for you to hang up. After you hang up, it will dial the valid users phone number and wait for a second signal.

Response 3 indicates that all of the outgoing lines are busy.

If SAM accepts your passcode, you will have to tap into the valid users line and intercept SAM when it calls. If you do this, then hit the '*' key on your phone. SAM will respond with a standard carrier, and you are in!

That's all that I have hacked out so far, I will write more information on the subject later.

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