StarCluster PBM

This is the home page for the StarCluster Play-By-(e)Mail game running at

The game is operated by Leif Stensson <>.

December, 2013: no game campaign is currently running, but if any players are interested, I can start a new campaign for update once or twice per week. Please send an email to <> if you're interested.

Although it may vary between campaigns, the usual orders deadline is 18:00 GMT on Mondays and Thursdays. Commands should be sent to <>, and start with:

    orders for campaign NAME_OF_THE_CAMPAIGN

To apply for joining a campaign, send email to the server with a subject line of "APPLY FOR CAMPAIGN name" (where name is the name of the campaign).

A simple web interface for the game is available on

Player's Manual

The Player's Manual provides a background story for the game, a quick overview of the game universe, an introduction to the basics of the game, and a list of available commands.


The documentation includes the Player's Manual, Strategy Hints, Tables, and the Reference Manual.

Ended Campaigns

A list of ended campaigns, with final results.


The FAQ contains various questions and answers.