Noid has not been updated for a couple of years, and does not work on newer kernels. Consider development to be on hold, with a quite small chance of being restarted.

CSS Layout

HTML is a markup language and should not be used to control layout, colors and other design and style issues. Instead, style sheets should be used if the author cares not only about the content of his pages, but also the appearance. These pages are using cascading style shets for layout and design.

If you see this text, your browser probably doesn't know how to handle cascading style shets.

You should have no problem accessing the contents on these pages with a css-unaware browser, but you might think the layout and colors look dull and boring. Don't blame me, what you see is the default look of your browser.

Also note that Netscape versions before 6.0 handle style sheets very badly. It ignores style sheets completely if javascript is disabled. Even with javascript and css enabled, the rendering might look very strange.

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