Noid has not been updated for a couple of years, and does not work on newer kernels. Consider development to be on hold, with a quite small chance of being restarted.


Noid is a system for controlling the environment of individual processes in a Unix system. It lets any user run programs while:

  • Giving it an individual, per-process file system namespace
  • Disabling set-uid and set-gid bits on any executable it runs
  • Closing all unwanted open file descriptors
  • Only passing through specified environment variables

These Noid modules are currently in beta stage, and works only on Linux 2.4. There are no known bugs on uni-processor i386 (and user-mode) systems, but SMP and other architectures are untested.

Future extensions will include:

  • Controlling network access
  • Restricting system calls like ptrace

Send questions, money, bug reports, success reports, patches and suggestions to the author, Jörgen Cederlöf, at

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