Intermediate LPC by Descartes of Borg, November 1993

Chapter 1

Intermediate LPC first edition

Copyright (c) 1993 George Reese All rights to this text are retained by the author.
Permission is granted to distrubute and display the contents of this document in full so long as the following conditions are met:
  1. No payment may be received for the redistribution or display of this text, except to cover the costs for distribution media and and shipping and/or transmission charges.
  2. The textbook must be distributed or displayed in its entirety in its original form.   Changes may only be made to private, individual copies, except as outlined below.
Acceptable changes are defined as the following:
Format changes, such as changing from WordPerfect to Word
Medium changes, such as from electronic copy to paper
Content changes are only acceptable under the following circumstances:
a) In electronic media: none of the original text may be ommitted. You may add comments as you feel necessary, so long as comments are enclosed in <* *> and are accompanied by the game name or real name of the author of the comments
b) In hard copy: none of the original text may be omitted, but it may be struck out so long as the content of the original text is visible. Comments may be made in any form so long as they are made in handwriting and they are signed by the author. Comments which are typed or printed must be made in accordance with the format for electronic media.
Practically speaking, this is what I mean: First, I wrote this mostly for mud admins to put onto their muds for learning coders to read as they are learning to build realms.   I did not do this for someone else to make a buck.   So if you charge money for redistributing it or allowing someone else to see it, you are in violation of this copyright. Unless you are simply charging for what it cost you to print up a copy or what the diskettes and postage cost to mail it. Second, I wrote this textbook, and I should receive credit/blame for what I say, and others should receive credit/blame for what they say.   For example, if I said something completely wrong, and you simply corrected it, I would be getting credit for something I did not do.   Yet, if you comment according to the outline above, you will be properly credited for your comments. More important to me, however, is the practical effect of having hundreds of copies of this textbook everywhere.   If you change something I had right without noting it as a comment, I will be blamed for spreading misinformation.   This problem is only compunded if the text is redistributed. So I prefer my words to remain my own.   But, when I make mistakes, or if something I say does not fit your driver/mudlib, please comment it so people will know.   In addition, having the comments side-by-side allows people to see other ideas, like how another driver might handle something.

I want to please note again, you may display this on your mud (like in /doc). You do not need to mail me for permission.   I would not mind email, since it is nice to know people are using it, but that is not required.   Also, if you really feel I have done such a wonderful job that you should pay money to use this, then give $5 to your local ASPCA (or international equivalent).

See the file titled Contents for a full list of textbook chapters.

Chapter 1
The contents