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1. Introduction

Welcome to the textbook on NannyMUD's LPC. As the name implies, this deals with LPC in the special flavour used by NannyMUD. It is possible that some of what is written here also pertains to other MUDs, but don't trust that.

The reader is assumed to have some familiarity with other programming languages, and programming in general. This is not a document teaching programming from scratch, nor will it deal with algorithms etc. There are many excellent book on those topics that you can read instead.

This text was written to mimic the book 'The C programming Language' by B.W. Kernighan and D.M. Ritchie. I thought there was a need for a short and compact text, concentrating on the LPC language, less clogged by code examples than most of other documentation on the subject I have seen. There are many variants of LPC available, depending on the drivers one use: DGD, MUDOS, Amylaar, etc. This document concerns itself with the NannyMUD version of LPC; to cover all of the various dialects would produce a gross tome indeed. The driver available when this was first written was 1.15.3; it is possible that future drivers will force a revision of the texts within this document.

Much of the text is based on the documentation available on-line in NannyMUD. Some phrases have been copied from there, when found suitable. Other has been rewritten, reformed, expanded etc. Some formulations are very close to those used by Kernighan and Ritchie; their book has been a source of inspiration.

This document was written using the GNU Emacs editor and typeset using the LATEX typesetting system by L. Lamport, which in turn uses the TEX system by D. Knuth.

Linköping 1998,
Mats H. Carlberg

The following people (in no special order) contributed to this work with ideas, corrections, religious debates about lexical details, tea, good company, and proofreading of the text:

Catarina Carlberg Banshee@NannyMUD
Joakim Björklund Taren@NannyMUD
Jones Desougi Gwendolyn@NannyMUD
Mats Person Mats@NannyMUD
Peter Skov Qqqq@NannyMUD

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Mats Henrik Carlberg