MUME (Multi-User Middle-Earth)

MUME is a heavily modified DikuMUD whose realm is based on Tolkien's world, run in Lausanne, Switzerland. It contains roughly estimated 7000+ rooms, none of them taken from elsewhere, and is growing at a steady pace. An embedded functional programming language, probably unique in the world of DikuMUDs, enables us to make more intelligent and interesting features than we have had before. We try to keep the game as "Tolkienesque" as possible, and at the same time keep it playable; you can, in addition to the usual 5 races, play an Orc and fight against the good guys for a change. Player killing between orcs and other races is thus allowed. Because of the great distances in MUME, horses can be ridden in order to travel faster. The game is populated by between 30 and 100 players at all times. Its address is (, port 4000.