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who-is-on-dynamic [83] (9) Recommended

        who-is-on-dynamic [83] (( want-visible      :   BOOL;
                                  want-invisible    :   BOOL;
                                  active-last       :   INT32 ))
                -> ( ARRAY Dynamic-Session-Info );

This call returns a list of information about sessions. Only sessions with the desired visibility and activeness are returned.

If want-visible is true then information about visible sessions is returned. If want-invisible is true then information about invisible sessions is returned. If they are both true sessions will be included in the answer regardless of their visibility status.

Sessions where no-one is logged in are considered invisible, and the invisible flag is set in the corresponding Dynamic-Session-Info that is returned.

If active-last is zero then the result is a list of all sessions with the proper visibility. If active-last is nonzero then only sessions that have issued an user-active call within the last active-last seconds are included in the list. Sessions that have never issued an user-active call are always included (if they have the proper visibility).

Error codes

want-visible and want-invisible must be either 0 or 1.