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mark-text [72] (4) Recommended

        mark-text [72] (( text      :   Text-No;
                          mark-type :   INT8 ))
                -> ( );

This call associates the mark mark-type with the text text. The list of marks set by a person can be retrieved using the get-marks call.

Currently, servers do not associate any particular meaning to the different types of marks, but that may change in the future. Currently, servers should not delete texts that have marks, except by user request.


        1 23
        =1 0 *
        2 72 110 230
        3 23
        =3 1 { 110 230 }

This example shows how a person with no marks set sets mark 230 on text number 110. The calls to get-marks show the effect of the call.

Error codes

Login required before issuing this call.
The text text does not exists or is secret.
No read access to text text.
The person currently logged in does not exist (can't happen error.)
Already the maximum number of marks on text text.