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find-previous-conf-no [117] (11) Recommended

        find-previous-conf-no [117] ( start : Conf-No )
                -> ( Conf-No );

This call returns the last accessible conference in the database created before start. start does not have to be a valid or readable conference number, as shown in the examples.


        1 114
        =1 12345
        2 117 12345
        =2 12330
        1 117 12330
        =1 12329

This example uses first-unused-conf-no to find the largest number that can meaningfully be sent to find-previous-conf-no. It then uses the request twice to find that the two conferences with highest conference numbers that are accessible to the user logged in is 12329 and 12330.

Error codes

Login required before issuing this call.
There is no conf preceding conf start.