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create-person-old [5] (1) Obsolete (10)

        create-person-old [5] (( name   : HOLLERITH;
                                 passwd : HOLLERITH ))
                -> ( Pers-No );

This call requests that the server create a new person with the name and password given as arguments. To create a person the session may have to be logged in as a person with sufficient privileges, if the server is configured that way.

If the session was not logged in an automatic visible login to the new person will be performed.

The new person will be a member of exactly one conference: the associated mailbox. That membership will have priority 255 and (of course) position 0. All flags of the membership will be 0.


        1 5 24HLysKOM Statistics Daemon 6Hsecret
        =1 6

This example creates a new person named "LysKOM statistics Daemon" with the password "secret". The server has returned the person number six for the person.

Error codes

The session is not logged in and the server does not allow person creation before logging in.
The server does not allow everyone to create person and the person currently logged on does not have the create-pers bit set.
There is already a conference named name.
The string passwd is not a valid password.
Attempt to create a person failed because we reached the maximum number of conferences permitted. The error-status indicates the person number that should have been created if the limit hadn't been reached.