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Extracted grammars (informative)

The file Protocol-A.texi is the authoritative standard for protocol A. However, it has a two problems:

To overcome these problems, and better server client writers that want to generate the protocol-level code automatically from the specification, a few variants of the grammar is available as separate files. In some of these files, the names have been changed to stable names that will not change as the protocol evolves. Currently, these three grammars exists:

The full Protocol A specification, with stable names.
The recommended requests and asynchronous messages, and all types they need, with stable names.
The recommended requests and asynchronous messages, with the names used in this specification.

The files are generated by doc/ in the lyskom-server distribution. Adding more output formats is fairly easy. Let us know, preferably via Bugzilla, if a new output format would be useful for you. It is the intention that the format of the above-mentioned files will not change. The file format should be self-explanatory once you have read the protocol specification. It does contain some comments that should be useful.

The stable names are generated by this process:

All files mentioned above are reachable via