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Measured Properties

The server measures a number of properties, and can return information about them to a client via the get-stats

request. A server implementation may include experimental properties, whose name should begin with X-. All other properties should be defined in this chapter.

Some of the properties that are suggested here might prove to be too hard to measure efficiently, or might prove to expose too much information. In that case, a server may select to not implement them. Clients must be prepared to receive a feature-disabled or undefined-measurement error if they call get-stats with a value that wasn't received from get-stats-description.

For each measured value, both the levels and the ascent and descent rates are returned. See Stats, for more information.

Ascent and descent rates are always normalized to a number of events per 100 seconds.

The number of clients that the server is currently refusing to serve since its time for the server to process other clients for a while.
The number of pending DNS requests.
The number of pending IDENT requests.
The number of connected clients.
The number of Protocol A requests that is being processed. In the current implementation, this will always be a number between 0 and 1, but that might change in the future.
The number of existing texts.
The number of existing conferences (including letterboxes).
The number of existing persons.
The number of bytes waiting in the send and receive queues.