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query-read-texts-old [9] (1) Obsolete (10)

        query-read-texts-old [9] (( person     : Pers-No;
                                    conference : Conf-No ))
                -> ( Membership-Old );

This call is used to find the number of unread texts in a conference. The data it returns is actually a membership structure which specifies which texts have been read. It is up to the client to transform the data to a more usable form. person is the person being queried and conference is the conference in question.

Calling query-read-texts-old does not require the session to be logged in.


        1 9 6 1
        =1 32 5 11 12 7 93 1 193 1 1 20 133 3 { 135 136 137 }

This example finds the read texts for user 6 in conference 1. The returned data indicates that the user last read conference 1 (the tenth number) on Monday July 12th, 1993 at 11:05:32 (the first nine numbers), that the person has assigned priority 20 to the conference (the eleventh number) and that all articles up to and including local number 133 plus articles 135, 136 and 137 have been read.

Error codes

person does not exist, or no access to person.
Conference conference does not exist, or is secret.
conference is zero.
person is not a member of conference.