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Protocol Error Messages

Protocol error messages are sent in reply to syntactically incorrect calls to the server. These should never appear in the client-server dialog. If they do, there is probably a bug in the client.

"%% LysKOM protocol error."
The client has sent a request that does not comply with protocol A. The server will attempt to recover from this error, but additional calls may be silently lost, and the server may send replies that the client does not expect, and in some cases recovery may not be possible. This error is also returned when the client sends an array that is longer than the maximum allowed by the server.
"%%Insane token length."
The client has sent a single token that is insanely long. Typically this means that the client has sent several kilobytes worth of digits, or something similar. This is never returned for long strings. The server will automatically disconnect a client who sends a token with an insane length.
"%%Insane array size."
The client has send an array with a negative length. The server is not easily fooled. The server will automatically disconnect a client who sends an array with an insane length.