oop_tcl_new(), oop_tcl_delete()

#include <oop.h>
#include <oop-tcl.h>

oop_source *oop_tcl_new();
void oop_tcl_delete();


Create a liboop source which uses the Tcl event loop for events. There is only one such event loop, so this function is global. You may call it multiple times; it will return the same event source, but keep count of the number of users.

Events will be dispatched when the Tcl event loop is run, either directly via Tcl_DoOneEvent() or indirectly via Tk_MainLoop(). Unfortunately, there is no way to stop the Tcl event loop, so return values from event handlers are ignored.

Delete the liboop source created with oop_tcl_new(). This decrements the count of users; when oop_tcl_delete has been called as many times as oop_tcl_new, the event source is removed.

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