oop_adns_new(), oop_adns_delete()

#include <oop.h>
#include <adns.h>
#include <oop-adns.h>

oop_adapter_adns *oop_adns_new(oop_source *source,adns_initflags flags,FILE *diag);
void oop_adns_delete(oop_adapter_adns *adapter);


oop_source *source
The event source to use. The adapter will use this event source to wait asynchronously for network communication.

adns_initflags flags
Any initialization flags used to create the instance of adns. Refer to the adns documentation for details.

FILE *diag
The file to send adns diagnostics to. Refer to the adns documentation for details.

oop_adapter_adns *adapter
An adns adapter to delete, with no outstanding queries.


Create a new liboop adns adapter. This adapter manages an instance of Ian Jackson's asychronous DNS resolver and supplies it with events from source. The adns instance is initialized with the supplied flags and diag file; refer to the adns documentation for details.

If a malloc failure or other catastrophic system error occurs creating the adapter, NULL is returned. The caller must handle this failure.

Destroy the liboop adns adapter adns. This frees all resources associated with the adapter, including the underlying adns instance. Any callbacks registered with the event source are cancelled. The adapter can have no active queries when it is deleted.

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