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100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings: How to Get by Without Even Trying 9781449476052 Sarah Cooper
8 bitar på 80-talet: Nintendos marsch in i de svenska hemmen 9789163345586 Martin Lindell
ARM Assembly Language: Fundamentals and Techniques 9781439806104 William Hohl
ARM System-on-Chip Architecture 9780201675191 Steve Furber, Stephen Bo Furber
AWK Programming Language, The 9780201079814 Alfred V. Aho, Brian W. Kernighan, Peter J. Weinberger
Absolute Freebsd: The Complete Guide to Freebsd 9781593271510 Michael W. Lucas
Absolute OpenBSD: UNIX for the Practical Paranoid 9781593274764 Michael W. Lucas
Accidental Empires 9780887308550 Robert X. Cringely
Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment 9780201433074 Stephen A. Rago, W. Richard Stevens
Agile Web Development with Rails 3.2 9781934356548 Sam Ruby, David Heinemeier Hansson, Dave Thomas, David Thomas
Algorithm Design Manual, The 9780387948607 Steven S. Skiena, Steve S. Skiena
Algorithmic Game Theory 9780521872829 Noam Nisan, Noam Nison, Tim Roughgarden, Éva Tardos
Algorithmics: The Spirit of Computing 9780321117847 David Harel, Yishai Feldman, Yishai A. Feldman
Amerikanerna: Sådana Är De, Så Tänker De 9789170012419 Staffan Ekendahl
Analys i en variabel 9789144067650 Arne Persson, Lars-Christer Böiers
Applied Algebra for the Computer Sciences 0130392227 Arthur Gill
Applied Cryptography: Protocols, Algorithms, and Source Code in C 9780471117094 Bruce Schneier
Arabian Nights 9780007420100 Anonymous, Richard Francis Burton, Sir Richard Francis Burton, Richard F. Burto
Art of Computer Programming, Volume 4A: Combinatorial Algorithms, Part 1, The 0201038048 Donald Ervin Knuth, Donald E. Knuth
Art of Computer Programming, Volumes 1-3 Boxed Set, The 9780201485417 Donald Ervin Knuth, Donald E. Knuth
Art of Deception: Controlling the Human Element of Security, The 9780764542800 Kevin D. Mitnick, William L. Simon, Steve Wozniak
Art of Intrusion: The Real Stories Behind the Exploits of Hackers, Intruders & Deceivers, The 9780471782667 Kevin D. Mitnick, William L. Simon
Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach 9780132071482 Stuart Russell, Peter Norvig
Avancerad COBOL 9144095112 Olof Björner
BSD Hacks 9780596006792 Lavigne, Dru Lavigne
Bad Spellers Dictionary, The 9780394491998 Joseph Krevisky, Jordan L. Linfield
Beautiful Code: Leading Programmers Explain How They Think 9780596510046 Andy Oram, Greg Wilson, Jon L. Bentley, Brian W. Kernighan, Charles Petzold, Do
Beginning Linux Programming 9780764544972 Neil Matthew, Richard Stones
Beyond BIOS: Developing with the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface 2nd Edition 9781934053294 Vincent Zimmer, Michael Rothman, S. Marisetty, Suresh Marisetty
Biochemistry: An Electronic Companion [With 195 Page Workbook] 9781888902686 Michael A. Wells, Jonathan L. Tupy, Jon Tupy
Black Wind 9780141020686 Clive Cussler, Dirk Cussler
Building Embedded Linux Systems 9780596529680 Karim Yaghmour, Jon Masters, Gilad Ben-Yossef, Philippe Gerum
C Programming Language, The 9780131103627 Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie
C++ Programming Language, The 9780321958327 Bjarne Stroustrup
C: A Reference Manual 9780130895929 Samuel P. Harbison III, Guy L. Steele Jr., Samuel P. Harbison
CG Tutorial: The Definitive Guide to Programmable Real-Time Graphics, The 9780321194961 Randima Fernando, Mark J. Kilgard
CSS: The Definitive Guide 9780596527334 Eric A. Meyer
Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship 9780132350884 Robert C. Martin
Clojure Programming 9781449394707 Chas Emerick, Brian Carper, Christophe Grand
Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools 9780321486813 Alfred V. Aho, Monica S. Lam, Ravi Sethi, Jeffrey D. Ullman
Complete Robot, The 9780586057247 Isaac Asimov
Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice 0201121107 James D. Foley, Andries van Dam, Steven K. Feiner, John F. Hughes
Computer Technicians Handbook 0830615547 Brice Ward
Concepts of Programming Languages 9780273769101 Robert W. Sebesta
Concurrent Comics: Programming of Social Agents 9173736511 Mikael Kindborg
Cracking the Coding Interview: 189 Programming Questions and Solutions 9780984782857 Gayle Laakmann McDowell
Cryptography Engineering: Design Principles and Practical Applications 9780470474242 Niels Ferguson, Bruce Schneier, Tadayoshi Kohno
Cuckoo's Egg: Tracking a Spy Through the Maze of Computer Espionage, The 9781416507789 Clifford Stoll, Cliff Stoll
DHCP Handbook, The 9780672323270 Ralph Droms, Ralph Droms Ph.D., Ted Lemon
DHCP: A Guide to Dynamic TCP/IP Network Configuration 9780130997210 Berry Kercheval, Randa Perlman
DNS and BIND 9780596100575 Cricket Liu, Paul Albitz
DTrace: Dynamic Tracing in Oracle Solaris, Mac OS X and FreeBSD 9780132091510 Brendan Gregg, Chad Mynhier, Tariq Magdon-Ismail, Jim Mauro
Dark Net: Inside the Digital Underworld, The 9781612194899 Jamie Bartlett
Data Communications, Computer Networks and Open Systems 9780201422931 F. Halsall, J. O'Reilly, E.L. Dagless, Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., Fred Halsall
Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis 9780805390520 Mark Allen Weiss
Data Structures and Algorithms 9780201000238 Alfred V. Aho, John E. Hopcroft, Jeffrey D. Ullman
Data Structures and Network Algorithms 0898711878 Robert Endre Tarjan, Robert Endre Tarjan
Dataordboken: Databehandling-ordlista Sv-E-F-D 9171621717 Standardiseringskommissionen i Sverige
Deadhouse Gates 9780553813111 Steven Erikson
Deeper 0571175333 John Seabrook
Definitive Guide to SQLite, The 9781590596739 Michael Owens, Mike Owens
Den Svenska Litteraturen 9789134514225 Hans-Erik Johannesson Lars Lönnroth
Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software 9780201633610 Erich Gamma, Ralph Johnson, John Vlissides, Richard Helm
Design and Evolution of C++, The 9780201543308 Bjarne Stroustrup
Design and Implementation of the 4.4 BSD Operating System, The 9780201549799 Marshall Kirk McKusick, Keith Bostic, Michael J. Karels, John S. Quarterman
Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System, The 9780321968975 Marshall Kirk McKusick, George Neville-Neil, Robert Watson, George V. Neville-N
Design of Approximation Algorithms, The 9780521195270 David P. Williamson, David B. Shmoys
Designer's Guide to VHDL [With CDROM], The 9781558606746 Peter J. Ashenden
Designing BSD Rootkits: An Introduction to Kernel Hacking 9781593271428 Joseph Kong
Designing Embedded Hardware 9780596003623 John Catsoulis
Det sista rotavdraget 9789146226765 Jan Berglin, Maria Berglin
Digital Signal Processing: A Computer Science Perspective 9780471295464 Jonathan (Y) Stein, Jonathan Y. Stein
Dilbert 2.0: 20 Years of Dilbert 0740777351 Scott Adams
Domain Modeling Made Functional 9781680502541 Scott Wlaschin
Don't Make Me Think, Revisited: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability 9780321965516 Steve Krug
Electrical Engineering 101, Second Edition: Everything You Should Have Learned in School...but Probably Didn't 9781856175067 Darren Ashby
Elephants on Acid: And Other Bizarre Experiments 9780156031356 Alex Boese
Embedded Linux Primer: A Practical, Real-World Approach 9780137017836 Christopher Hallinan
Essential PHP Security 9780596006563 Chris Shiflett, Nathan Torkington, Tatiana Diaz
Essential System Administration: Tools and Techniques for Linux and Unix Administration 9780596003432 Æleen Frisch, AEleen Frisch
Expert C Programming: Deep C Secrets 9780131774292 Peter van der Linden
Eye of Argon, The 9780809562619 Jim Theis
File System Forensic Analysis 9780321268174 Brian Carrier
Flykten från läger 14: Den dramatiska rymningen från ett nordkoreanskt fångläger 9789187319563 Blaine Harden
Forbidden Lego: Build the Models Your Parents Warned You Against! 9781593271374 Ulrik Pilegaard, Mike Dooley
Free Software, Free Society: Selected Essays 9781882114986 Richard M. Stallman, Lawrence Lessig, Joshua Gay, Richard Stallman
Free as in Freedom: Richard Stallman's Crusade for Free Software 0596002874 Sam Williams
FreeBSD Device Drivers: A Guide for the Intrepid 9781593272043 Joseph Kong
Fundamentals of Database Systems 9780321204486 Ramez Elmasri, Shamkant B. Navathe
Fälteffekt Transistorn 9117126022 Gunnar Carlstedt Torkel Wallmark
GNU Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool 1578701902 Gary V. Vaughan, Gary V. Vaughn, Ben Elliston, Tom Tromey, Ian Lance Taylor
GNU/Linux Application Programming 9781584505686 M. Tim Jones
Garbage Collection: Algorithms for Automatic Dynamic Memory Management 9780471941484 Richard Jones, Rafael D Lins, Rafael Lins
Gardens of the Moon 0765348780 Steven Erikson
Get Programming With F# 9781617293993 Isaac Abraham
Gnu Make: A Program For Directing Recompilation, For Version 3.81 9781882114832 Richard M. Stallman, Roland McGrath, Paul D. Smith
Gpu Gems 2: Programming Techniques for High-Performance Graphics and General-Purpose Computation 9780321335593 Matt Pharr, Randima Fernando
Grunderna i COBOL 9144063539 Kerstin Holm Olof Björner
Guide to Competitive Programming 9783030393564 Antti Laaksonen
Gödel, Escher, Bach: Ett evigt Gyllene Band 9176083314 Douglas R. Hofstadter, Jan Wahlén
Gör Studierna Enklare - Och Förbered Dig För Livet I Kunskapssamhället 9789197603621 Christer Westlund
Hacker's Delight 9780201914658 Henry S. Warren Jr., Henry S. Warren
Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution 9780141000510 Steven Levy
Hacking Linux Exposed: Linux Security Secrets & Solutions 9780072225648 Brian Hatch, James Lee, George Kurtz
Hacking the Xbox: An Introduction to Reverse Engineering 9781593270292 Andrew Huang
Handbok i konsten att vara social 9789146215967 Nicolas Jacquemot
Hardware Hacking Projects for Geeks 9780596003142 Scott Fullam
Home Hacking Projects for Geeks 9780596004057 Eric Faulkner, Tony Northrup, Anthony Northrup
How to Build Your Own Working Robot Pet 0830697969 Frank DaCosta
How to Good-Bye Depression: If You Constrict Anus 100 Times Everyday. Malarkey? or Effective Way? 9780595094721 Hiroyuki Nishigaki
Human-computer interaction: What every system developer should know 9144396511 Jonas Löwgren
I Love Games Graphics 9889705435 Kazutoshi Iida, Tsuyoshi Kusano, Nobuhiko Sagara
IPv6 Network Administration 9780596009342 Niall Richard Murphy, David Malone, Niall Murphy
IT-gryning : svensk datahistoria från 1840- till 1960-talet 9789144035017 Tord Jöran Hallberg
Idéhistoriens huvudlinjer 9789146161370 Gunnar Eriksson, Tore Frängsmyr
Implementing Ipv6: Supporting the Next Generation Internet Protocols [With CDROM] 9780764545894 Mark A. Miller
Information Technology Project Management, Ise 9781423901709 Jennifer Gipp, Kathy Schwalbe
Interaktionsdesign och UX : om att skapa en god användarupplevelse 9789144097640 Mattias Arvola
Internet Yellow Pages, The 9780078820236 Harley Hahn, Rick Stout
Internetworking with TCP/IP Volume 1 : Principles, Protocols and Architecture 9780132278362 Douglas E. Comer
Introduction to Algorithms 9780262033848 Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest, Clifford Stein
Introduction to Algorithms: A Creative Approach 0201120372 Udi Manber
Introduction to Ray Tracing, An 9780122861604 Andrew S. Glassner, Eric Haines, Pat Hanrahan, Robert L. Cook, James Arvo, Davi
Introduction to the Design and Analysis of Algorithms 9780321358288 Anany V. Levitin, Anany Levitin
Ipv6: The New Internet Protocol 9780138505059 Christian Huitema
Java in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference for Java Programmers 9781565921832 David Flanagan
Jeff Duntemann's Drive-By Wi-Fi Guide 9781932111743 Jeff Duntemann
Just for fun 9789150100235 Linus Torvalds
Kattens språk : förstå din katt 9789153427070 Helga Hofmann
Kretsteori & Elektronik Sune Söderkvist
LDAP System Administration: Putting Directories to Work 9781565924918 Gerald Carter
Land of Lisp: Learn to Program in Lisp, One Game at a Time! 9781593272814 Conrad Barski
Latex Companion, The 9780201362992 Frank Mittelbach, Michel Goossens, Johannes Braams, David Carlisle, Chris Rowle
Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good! 9781593274351 Fred Hebert
Learn You a Haskell for Great Good!: A Beginner's Guide 9781593272838 Miran Lipovača
Learning GNU Emacs 9780596006488 Debra Cameron, Marc Loy, James Elliott, Eric S. Raymond, Bill Rosenblatt, Eric
Learning UML 2.0 9780596009823 Russ Miles, Kim Hamilton
Learning the bash Shell 9780596009656 Cameron Newham, Bill Rosenblatt
Learning the vi and Vim Editors 9780596529833 Arnold Robbins, Linda Lamb, Elbert Hannah
Let Over Lambda 9781435712751 Doug Hoyte
Lex & Yacc 9781565920002 John R. Levine, Tony Mason, Doug Brown, John Levine
Linkers and Loaders 9781558604964 John R. Levine
Linux Device Drivers 9780596005900 Jonathan Corbet, Greg Kroah-Hartman, Alessandro Rubini
Linux Kernel Development 9780672329463 Robert Love
Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide, The 9781441418869 Peter Jay Salzman, Ori Pomerantz, Michael Burian
MAKE Magazine: The First Year: 4 Volume Collector's Set 9780596526771 Mark Frauenfelder
Make: The Third Year: Technology on Your Time 9780596517977 O'Reilly Media, M. Frauenfelder, Mark Frauenfelder
Mastering Regular Expressions 9780596002893 Jeffrey E.F. Friedl, Jeffrey E. F. Friedl
Masters of Deception: The Gang That Ruled Cyberspace 9780060926946 Michelle Slatalla, Joshua Quittner, Michele Slatalla
Matematisk analys En variabel 9789147100231 Göran Forsling, Mats Neymark
Mathematics Handbook for Science and Engineering 9783540211419 Lennart Råde, Bertil Westergren, Lennart Rade
Matlab For Engineers Explained 9781852336974 Fredrik Gustafsson, Fredrik Gustafson, Niclas Bergman
New Hacker's Dictionary, The 9780262680929 Eric S. Raymond
Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications 9780805353402 Grady Booch
Object-Oriented Software Construction (Book/CD-ROM) 9780136291558 Bertrand Meyer
OpenGL Programming Guide: The Official Guide to Learning OpenGL, Versions 3.0 and 3.1 9780321552624 Dave Shreiner, The Khronos OpenGL ARB Working Group, Bill The Khronos OpenGL AR
OpenGL® Shading Language 9780321334893 Randi J. Rost, Barthold Lichtenbelt, John M. Kessenich
Operating System Concepts 9781118093757 Abraham Silberschatz, Peter Baer Galvin, Greg Gagne, 19
Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era 9780312622374 James Barrat
Parallel Program Design: A Foundation 0201058669 K. Mani Chandy, Jayadev Misra
Pearls of Functional Algorithm Design 9780521513388 Richard S. Bird, Richard Bird
Perl 5 Pocket Reference: Programming Tools 9780596000325 Johan Vromans, Linda Mui
Physics Handbook for Science and Engineering 9789144044538 Carl Nordling, Jonny Österman, J. Osterman
Pojkarna vid datorn : unga entusiaster i datateknikens värld 9171391282 Jörgen Nissen
Portable Document Format Reference Manual 9780201626285 Adobe Creative Team, Adobe Systems Inc., Tim Bienz, Richard Cohn, Adobe Systems
Portable Shell Programming: An Extensive Collection of Bourne Shell Examples 9780134514949 Bruce Blinn
Posix Programmers Guide 9780937175736 Donald Lewine
Posix.4 Programmers Guide 9781565920743 Bill Gallmeister
PostScript Language Reference Manual 9780201101744 Adobe Systems Incorporated, ADOBE, Adobe Systems
PostScript Language Tutorial and Cookbook 9780201101799 Adobe Systems Inc., Adobe systems inc
Postfix 9780672321146 Richard Blum
Practical Algorithms for Programmers 9780201632088 Andrew Binstock, John Rex
Practical C Programming 9781565923065 Steve Oualline
Practical Cryptography 9780471223573 Niels Ferguson, Bruce Schneier
Process- Och Straffratt for Juridisk Oversiktskurs 9139203689 Lars Heuman
Professional Linux Programming 9781861003010 Neil Matthew, Richard Stones, Neil Matthew and Richard Stones, Brad Clements, A
Programming Challenges: The Programming Contest Training Manual 9780387001630 Steven S Skiena, Miguel A. Revilla, Steven S. Skiena
Programming Embedded Systems in C and C++ 9781565923546 Michael Barr, Andy Oram
Programming Erlang 9781934356005 Joe Armstrong
Programming F#: A comprehensive guide for writing simple code to solve complex problems 9780596153649 Chris Smith
Programming Language Concepts 9781447141556 Peter Sestoft
Programming Language Concepts Paradigms 9780137288663 David Watt
Programming Pearls 9780201657883 Jon Bentley, Jon Louis Bentley
Programming With Threads 9790131723893 Bart Steve Kleiman \\\\,Devang Shah\\\\ Smaalders
Programming in ADA 95 [With Special Edition of Objectada Compiler...] 9780201342932 John Barnes
Projektmodellen LIPS 9789144075259 Tomas Svensson, Christian Krysander
Quantum Computation and Quantum Information 9780521635035 Michael A. Nielsen, Isaac L. Chuang
Quicksilver 9780060593087 Neal Stephenson
Rapid Prototyping of Digital Systems: A Tutorial Approach 9780792374398 James O. Hamblen, Michael D. Furman
Real World Haskell: Code You Can Believe In 9780596514983 Bryan O'Sullivan, John Goerzen, Donald Bruce Stewart, Don Stewart
Real-Time Rendering 9781568811017 Tomas Akenine-Möller, Eric Haines, Naty Hoffman
Realm of Racket: Learn to Program, One Game at a Time! 9781593274917 Matthias Felleisen, Conrad Barski, David Van Horn
Reglerteknik - Grundläggande teori 9789144022758 Torkel Glad, Lennart Ljung
Reversing: Secrets of Reverse Engineering 9780764574818 Eldad Eilam, Elliot J. Chikofsky
Rootkits: Subverting the Windows Kernel 9780321294319 Greg Hoglund, Jamie Butler, James Butler
Running Linux 9781565921511 Matt Welsh, Lar Kaufman
Runor: Historia, Tydning, Tolkning 9789189442559 Lars Magnar Enoksen
SCSI Bus and Ide Interface: Protocals, Applications and Programming [With A Fully Updated Disk Contains the Source Code...], The 9780201175141 Friedhelm Schmidt, F. Schmidt
SQL Cookbook 9780596009762 Anthony Molinaro
SSH Mastery: OpenSSH, PuTTY, Tunnels and Keys 9781470069711 Michael W. Lucas, Michael W Lucas, Michael Lucas
SSH, The Secure Shell: The Definitive Guide 9780596008956 Daniel J. Barrett, Richard Silverman, Robert G. Byrnes, Richard E. Silverman, D
Save Yourself, Mammal!: A Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal Collection 9780982853702 Zach Weiner, Zach Weinersmith
Schaum's Outline of Signals and Systems 0070306419 Hwei P. Hsu, Hwei Hsu
Second Order Quantifier Elimination: Foundations, Computational Aspects and Applications 9781904987567 Dov M. Gabbay, D. M. Gabbay, R. Schmidt, A. Szalas, Renate A. Schmidt, Andrzej
Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems (2nd edition) 9780470068526 Ross J. Anderson, Ross Anderson
Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems (3rd edition) 9781119642787 Ross Anderson, Ross J. Anderson
Seven Languages in Seven Weeks 9781934356593 Bruce A. Tate, Bruce Tate
Signal, Information And Communications Erik G Larsson
Skateboard Book, The 0448125919 Ben J. Davidson
Skydda ditt barn på Internet 9789153431145 Dag Öhrlund, Per Hellqvist
Snmp, Snm Pv And Cmip: The Practical Guide To Network Management Standards 9780201633313 William Stallings
Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking 9780470639535 Christopher Hadnagy, Paul Wilson
Soft Skills 9781617292392 John Z. Sonmez, John Sonmez
Software Design for Flexibility 9780262045490 Chris Hanson, Gerald Jay Sussman
Software Engineering With Student Project Guidance 0138262314 Barbee Teasley Mynatt, Teasley Barbee Mynatt
Software Engineering: Principles And Practice 9780471936114 Vrije Van Vliet, Hans van Vliet
Solaris 10 System Administration Essentials 9780137000098 Solaris System Engineers
Solaris 10 ZFS Essentials 9780137000104 Scott Watanabe
Soul of a New Machine, The 9780316491976 Tracy Kidder
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs 9780262011532 Harold Abelson, Gerald Jay Sussman
Supercade: A Visual History Of The Videogame Age, 1971 1984 9780262024921 Van Burnham, Ralph H. Baer
Svenska Skrivregler 9789147049745 Svenska Språknämden
Syntactic Methods in Pattern Recognition 0122695607 King-Sun Fu, K. S. Fu, King Sun Fu
TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1: The Protocols 9780321336316 Kevin R. Fall, Kevin Fall, W. Richard Stevens
TCP/IP Network Administration 9780937175828 Craig Hunt
TCP/IP Sockets in C: Practical Guide for Programmers 9780123745408 Michael J. Donahoo, Kenneth L. Calvert, Michael J. Donahoo, Kenneth L. Calvert
Tales of Mystery and Terror 9780140367201 Edgar Allan Poe
Tema 9197246409 SAAB
The Rust Programming Language 9781718500440 Steve Klabnik, Carol Nichols
Thinking Forth 9780976458708 Leo Brodie
Tour of C++, A 9780321958310 Bjarne Stroustrup
Twisted Network Programming Essentials 9780596100322 Abe Fettig
Typografisk handbok 9789173244459 Christer Hellmark
UNIX Internals: The New Frontiers 9780131019089 Uresh Vahalia, Peter H. Salus
UNIX System Administration Handbook 9780130206015 Evi Nemeth, Garth Snyder, Scott Seebass, Trent Hein
UNIX in a Nutshell: System V Edition: A Desktop Quick Reference for System V Release 4 and Solaris 2.0 9781565920019 Daniel Gilly, The staff of O'Reilly Media, O'Reilly Media Inc., O'Reilly & Asso
USB Explained 9780130811530 Steven McDowell, Martin D. Seyer
Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The 9780345453747 Douglas Adams
Understanding And Deploying Ldap Directory Services 9781578700707 Timothy A. Howes, Mark C. Smith, Gordon S. Good, Tim Howes, Gordon Good, Mark S
Understanding Open Source and Free Software Licensing 9780596005818 Andrew M. St. Laurent, Andrew Laurent
Understanding SNMP Mibs 9780134377087 Evan McGinnis, David T. Perkins
Understanding the Linux Kernel 9780596005658 Daniel P. Bovet, Marco Cesati
Unit Test Frameworks 9780596006891 Paul Hamill, Mike Hendrickson
Unix System Administration Handbook 9780131510517 Evi Nemeth, Trent R. Hein, Garth Snyder
Uplink Load In CDMA Cellular Radio Systems 9185457493 Erik Geijer Lundin
Usb Design By Example: A Practical Guide To Building I/O Devices 9780471370482 John Hyde
Vacker hud 9789185869404 Fredrik Colting, Carl-Johan Gadd
Version Control with Git 9780596520120 Jon Loeliger
Version Control with Subversion 9780596004484 Ben Collins-Sussman, Brian W. Fitzpatrick, C. Michael Pilato, Brian Fitzpatrick
Video Demystified [With 2 CDROMs] 9781878707567 Keith Jack
Waking Up Screaming: Haunting Tales of Terror 9780345458292 H.P. Lovecraft, Denise L. Fitzer, H. P. Lovecraft
What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions 9781848549579 Randall Munroe
Wi-Foo: The Secrets of Wireless Hacking 9780321202178 Andrew Vladimirov, Konstantin V. Gavrilenko, Andrei A. Mikhailovsky, Andrew A.
Writing GNU Emacs Extensions 9781565922617 Bob Glickstein
X Power Tools 9780596101954 Chris Tyler
Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead, The 9780715633182 Max Brooks
grokking algorithms 9781617292231 Aditya Y. Bhargava
sed & awk 9780937175590 Dale Dougherty
xkcd: volume 0 9780615314464 Randall Munroe
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