Artificial Languages

The Esperanto Server (in the Netherlands)
General information about Esperanto, and an introduction course. The main page says the server is experimental, so it is possible that it will disappear without notice.

The Lojban Archive
Lojban is an artifical language; by its advocates given the epithet "the logical language".

NEWS group where subjects related to Esperanto is discussed (in both English and Esperanto).

NEWS group where the fictive language ('tlhIngan Hol') and culture of the Klingons (as well as those of some other races) in Star Trek are discussed.

The Klingon Language Institute
Believe it or not, but the fictive language ('tlhIngan Hol') of the Klingons (from Star Trek) has its own Web site.

Brithenig (constructed language)
Brithenig is described as a thought-experiment to create a romance language that might have evolved if latin speakers had been a sufficient number to displace Old Celtic as the spoken language of the People in Great Britain.

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