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Current location of JySKom
JySKom back in business - jsk 31jan, Canberra, Australien.

From time to time it can be difficult to access and use JySKom. Mostly because of machines-problems. The preffered address for JySKom that should be used is "http://jyskom.lysator.liu.se". This is guaranteed to be updated eventually when the server moves to new machines. However, this does not always work.

For your convenience we provide a list of links, that you can try to use in the given order to access a currently availiable running version of JySKom:

INFO (this page): http://www.lysator.liu.se/~jsk/jyskom

Servers: nbcd:1400 | nbcd:1477 | Hal:1477 | Sandra:1477 | JySKom:1477 | JySKom

LysKOM is a conference system, such systems allows for users to read and comment messages written by other users. It is a way to communicate information, to get help and to help, to guide, to organize, to run a project, and to get to know other people. Examples of conference systems include FORUM, BBS:s, Lotus Notes.
Conference Systems
The most important aspects of conference systems compared to other CMS (Computer Mediated Systems) are that messages are stored and the user can read them at any time he wants to. The messages are structured into groups (conferences), with different topics.

Vital elements of conference systems are usually:

  • conferences - each with an unique topic
  • members - users that LOG on to the system
  • stored texts - the actual messages
JySKom is a "klient" used to access information stored in the LysKOM-system. It introduced new ideas of visualization and interaction to the world of KOM:
  • Tree display of discussion (many messages)
  • One-liners shown compacted
  • Platform independence (any WWW-klient)
  • Integrated into "INTERNET" (part of Internet)
  • Faster (catchup) using browsing
  • Fewer interactions
The Client is the Server!
Confusing as it may seem, the JySKom client is also an HTTP-server. The idea is simple. The LysKOM database server contains the information accessed by the LysKOM client, this client generates HTML-pages, which are sent to the WWW-klients that requrest them. Is can be seen as a Middleware or a Translating program. For simplicity we call this concept in the context of LysKOM: JySKom!