The Gardening Archive

The Gardening Archive

  • The Gardening Archive at the Lysator site has an emphasis on plants suitable for a temperate or cold temperate climate.

    Specific plants and their uses

    the Edibles Files
    Files about things you can eat. Yum! Includes many FAQs.

    the Herb Files

    the Ornamentals Files
    Plants that we grow for the pleasure of the eye.

    the Bonsai Files
    Bonsai is the Far Eastern art of growing miniature trees that look like scale models of old trees.

    the Lawn Files
    A few files about lawns and their care.


    the Book Files
    Recommedations of whorthwhile gardening books.

    Files about Net Resources
    Pointers to more net resources. For active links, see my bookmarks.

    the Frequently Asked Questions lists

    Other things

    the Soil Files
    Some files about growing mediums. See also the FAQ.

    the Miscellaneous Files
    Things that don't fit into any other category end up here.

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