Cooked mustard greens with bacon and onion

Lucky you! Down home mustard greens!


(Serves 6)


  1. Wash the greens carefully about 5 times (like spinach, they can hide an incredible amount of grit) by soaking, then swishing in the water, then shaking out above the water and checking for dirt in the water. Repeat until there has been no grit twice.
  2. Now, a hand-sized clump at a time, slice into thin strips ( 1/2 inches wide is fine).
  3. Cook the bacon in a deep dish to render the fat.
  4. Remove the bacon and sautae the onion slices until they are just beginning to turn brown. Add the sliced greens and stir over medium heat until they wilt, then add the reserved bacon and cover the dish.
  5. When cooked, add pepper and vinegar, then serve.


How long you allow mustard greens to cook is a matter of taste. Traditionally, they are cooked to death (in excess of an hour). I prefer them cooked for about 10-15 minutes after wilting. It is not usually necessary to add water, but do not allow them to dry out. There should be some "pot liquor" in the bottom when you're done, which people normally fight over.


Difficulty: easy.
Time: 10 minutes preparation, 30 minutes cooking.
Precision: no need to measure.


Richard Newman-Wolfe (nemo@rochester) 
University of Rochester Computer Science Department 
(pass the cornbread and the field peas, please) 
Recipe last modified: 18 Oct 84

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