A hot spicy party cheese dip

Here it is, folks! By popular demand, the cheese dip known to make women faint, strong men cry, and small children run for their mommies. This started out as an attempt to replicate a Chili con Queso dip, but took off in its own direction.


(makes 18 oz of dip)


  1. Mix together all ingredients except the sour cream; heat to boiling at low heat.
  2. When blended, correct seasoning (usually needs more cumin and garlic.)
  3. Add sour cream and heat until it bubbles slightly. Serve with Tostitos or any natural Mexican-style corn chip.


This recipe may be doubled, quadruped or even sextupled without problem. Go easy on the red pepper if your guests don't like hot food. The effect, if done correctly, should be an initial impression of cheese, cumin, sour cream and garlic followed a second later by a sinus-cleaning heat. As one partaker has put it "You have to keep eating because if you don't, you'll die." Guaranteed to increase beer consumption at parties.

Good Luck!


Difficulty: very easy.
Time: 10 minutes.
Precision: Measure the spices, just so you'll know how much you have put in.


Byron Howes 
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill 
Recipe last modified: 31 Dec 83

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